Quick & Cheap & Dark Is DC COMICS ESSENTIALS: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1 On The Wednesday Run

The Dark Knight Returns #1Unless you’re a major comic book reader, neck deep in the middle of various monthly comic book stories, it’s a bit of a slow day at the office today.

Not a heck of a lot of new stuff out.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that you: the newby reader, or you: the awesome gift giver, or you: the lapsed and slow-to-the-stations pop culture enthusiast, can’t pick up at your local comic book shop.

Not a lot of change in your pocket? Not to worry.

This week, DC Comics has got you covered on a legendary, iconic story that puts the word “graphic” in the phrase “graphic novel”. It’s a taste, really. And that means it comes cheap.

Follow me after the jump for a comic book you’ve already read, need to read, or need to introduce to someone else in DC Comics Essentials: The Dark Knight Returns #1.

DC Comics Essentials: The Dark Knight Returns #1

Written by: Frank Miller

Illustrated by: Frank Miller and Klaus Janson

Published by: DC Comics

Every once in a while, DC Comics, in a bid to advertise their awesome back catalogue of amazing comics – and it is a plethora – releases a single, cheap publication aimed at grabbing new and old readers to read stuff they might not have already.

Over the last few months, we’re been writing a regular column reviewing the most recent (third) installment in writer/artist Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns magnum opus, the miniseries affectionately titled Dark Knight III: The Master Race. If you haven’t read them already, you can easily catch up on where that first issue was the pick of the week in this very column and later reviewed in parts one and two. Check back tomorrow with our review of part three.

Who would have thought that thirty years ago, the four-issue prestige-format miniseries, The Dark Knight Returns, would have such cultural and artistic significance to the graphic novel medium? Well, those that read it, that’s who.

And you’re probably one of them. But maybe you know someone who hasn’t: a friend, a nephew or niece, a son or daughter. Someone who’s interested in story, in art and in history. And Batman, of course.

The DC Comics Essentials: The Dark Knight Returns #1is a 64-page publication that contains an extract from the original 1985 The Dark Knight Returns first issue as well as a listing and synopsis of an abundance of other “must-read” DC Comics titles.

All for $1.

It’s the perfect ground to fill your head (or someone else’s) with a great read and a whole bunch of great need-to-reads.

With the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice film only weeks away from release, you know that the Caped Crusader will be on everyone’s thoughts. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and throw down the loose change it takes to pick up DC Comics Essentials: The Dark Knight Returns #1.

Discover or re-discover or entice someone else to discover the stories that make Batman one of the world’s greatest pop culture icons!

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