Righting Future Wrongs In OLD MAN LOGAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

Old Man Logan 1 coverThe great thing about time travel, else-world stories, is that there are no rules. Anything can happen – and everything old is new again.

You take a character that’s been around forever, a character that everyone knows inside and out, and you put ‘em in a new setting, in a new time, under new circumstance and maybe, just maybe, you‘re able to squeeze something new and fresh and wonderful out of ‘em.

That’s the way to do it with these superheroes that have been around for longer than you and I, bub!

Now, let’s turn to everyone’s favourite berserker, the Wolverine in the pages of his new monthly series, Old Man Logan #1, out today!

Old Man Logan #1

Written by: Jeff Lemire

Illustrated by: Andrea Sorrentino

Published by: Marvel Comics

Old_Man_Logan_1_Preview_1Wolverine, affectionately called Old Man Logan here, is a very different character from the one you know. For starters, this Logan, well into the twilight of his years, is from the future. And that future wasn’t a good place to exist.

In that alternate (or possible) reality, super villains have banded together and wiped out all of the superheroes, his best friend has been murdered and a bunch of hillbilly Hulk’s have actually killed Logan’s family. Who would want to live in that kind of a world?

No one, that’s who.

And that’s why the aged Logan, brought from his alternate future and into our present day courtesy of the recent Secret Wars storyline event and Marvel’s marketing push for an “all-new, all-different” line of comics books, is set to make things right. At any cost.

Under the pen of acclaimed writer Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Green Arrow, Essex County) and fan-favourite illustrator Andrea Sorrentino (I, Vampire, Green Arrow), the new Old Man Logan monthly series will delve deep into the psyche of a scarred and angry man who has seen such horror in his life – now able to be a hero and stop the madness that will surely happen!

But the important question remains: what needs to righted that has yet to occur?

Lemire and Sorrentino, who so famously worked together on DC Comic’s New 52 launch of Green Arrow nearly five years ago, are back as a team, telling the hard-hitting, tough-asking, stories of the man that was once Wolverine. They follow in the footsteps of some industry titans in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven (in an eight-part 2008 Old Man Logan debut within the pages of the monthly Wolverine series) and, more recently, Brian Michael Bendis. Sorrentino actually worked with Bendis on the Old Man Logan miniseries that spun out of Secret Wars, so this is a return to a favourite version of the character.

So, what do the two creatives have in store for our proactively vengeful hero?

Find out for yourselves! Later today, Biff Bam Pop will have an exclusive interview with Old Man Logan series writer, Jeff Lemire, where that very question will be answered!

If Old Man Logan is all about righting the wrongs that our protagonist is sure will one day come to pass, you know that he’ll come up against every adversary imaginable: foe and friend! SNIKT!

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up Old Man Logan #1 today!

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