It’s Gotta Be We Stand On Guard #1 For Thee On The Wednesday Run

WeStandOnGuard1There’s nothing quite like sharing a little bit of patriotism on a comic book Wednesday.

If you’re seeing all things maple leaf red or the word “eh?” keeps coming up in your Facebook or your Twitter stream today, it’s because today, July 1, is Canada Day!

Canada Day! The national holiday of this columnist’s nation, celebrating the 1867 birth of the greatest hockey-playing, maple-syrup loving, beaver adoring, arctic-solidifying, rainbow-coloured monied, Mountied, health-cared country in the world!

Of course, some of those might not be real words, but any British, Russian, Brazilian or Korean citizen – or any other citizen from any other country – can easily get the drift: today, July the 1st is our day.

Why not spend it protecting our nations’ borders from our southern neighbours?

Wait. What?

You heard me right. Follow me after the jump for the eagerly anticipated scoop on We Stand On Guard #1.

We Stand On Guard #1

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan

Illustrated by: Steve Skroce

Published by: Image Comics

A quick, but appropriate, history lesson: did you know that the border between Canada and the United States of America is the longest international – and undefended – border in the world? The 49th parallel, people. That’s where We Stand On Guard figuratively begins.

Written by fan-favourite Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, Y The Last Man) and illustrated by acclaimed storyboard artist Steve Skroce (Matrix), We Stand On Guard is the near-future, military-themed, science fiction tale of a heroic group of Canadian civilians defending this country from invasion by the U.S. of A.

We all know that one of these days our southern friends are going to come knocking on our door for our fresh water supplies (if not our ketchup-flavoured potato chips or our tasty, tasty poutine), so this is a story that kind of hits close to home for us Canuks, eh?

Look at that cover, the fall of Canada’s parliament building in our capital city of Ottawa. It brings a tear to my freedom-loving eye.

But still, that’s a giant robot there! Who around this globe doesn’t love giant robots?

Knowing the work of Vaughan, We Stand On Guard (whose words are one of the more important lyrics in Canada’s national anthem) will not only be rife with deep, interesting characters that we can all relate to, it’ll also be full of metaphor for any reader of any cultural or national background.

Freedom is an important concept. And so is the idea of nation. “Protegera nos foyers et nos droits” indeed.

So make the run of liberty to your local comic book shop today (or tomorrow if you live in Canada – as most Canadians will be enjoying a cold beer on this National holiday.) and pick up We Stand On Guard #1.

In the meantime, can I get anyone a Molson Canadian?

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