A Review of Monster Mania 30 Part II – The Rest


After you’ve met your favorite horror celebrities, what else is there to do at Monster Mania? What kept me out of trouble, and did I ever get a picture with Kane Hodder? Read on to find out.

If you still have cash left after all the autographs and pictures, vendors abound to separate you from any money you may still have. There is everything a horror fan could ever want including tee shirts, movies, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, handbags, and a variety of artwork. I always come away with something.

This year I finally got my Hatchet Army shirt. (Did I mention I bought it from the film’s director, Adam Green)?


I stopped at Mike Smash’s Curious Goods booth. He always has unique items, and I am a repeat customer. Where else can you find an image of Grumpy Cat in an inverted cross? While I passed on that, I scored a sweet serial killer postage stamp mirror. I had bought the same mirror a couple years ago as a Christmas gift for a friend who is also a true crime fan. It was the first time this particular mirror was back in stock. It’s a nice addition that currently hangs above my collection of serial killer books.


I visited Skully Kouture’s booth, and I have bought from them in the past as well. I purchased a lovely skull vintage bone bracelet and earrings. I asked the proprietor what kind of bone was used to make the jewelry. The bone came from cows, and is over 25 years old. She told me that the animal was used for meat and wasn’t killed just to make jewelry. Skully Kouture was donating a percentage of their sales from Monster Mania weekend to the COPD Foundation in honor of Leonard Nimoy. I love my new jewelry set and was happy a portion of the sale went to a worthwhile cause.


On Saturdays Monster Mania screens horror movies and hosts question and answer sessions. You could spend hours in the ballroom listening to different panels. Even if the subject is a film or actor you have no interest in, I guarantee you will hear something that will make you glad you stayed. At this particular show I sat through two question and answer sessions. The first was Adam Green. He expressed such gratitude to the fans that he choked up a bit on stage. He even brought signed items to give away to those who asked questions.

Following this panel, Bill Moseley and William Forsythe took the stage. The original session was only supposed to be Bill, but lucky for me William joined him. If William hadn’t been there, a fan never would have asked about Dear Mr. Gacy and I never would have known there was a movie based on the book I just finished.

Finally, Monster Mania would not be complete without costumed characters roaming the hotel. The classic slashers were represented, I saw a Freddy Krueger and more than one Jason Voorhees. There were clowns from It and American Horror Story. There were assorted bloody, nondescript characters. I even saw a trio of Ghostbusters and a smaller version of Gene Simmons.

Gene Simmons

My favorite costume of the weekend was Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs. You never see anyone dressed as this character, and it takes guts to strip down to almost nothing in public. I was thrilled to get a picture with him.

Buffalo Bill

It was sad to see another successful Monster Mania come to an end. I have been to most of the shows since it began, but this one was even more special. To wish both Kane Hodder and Sean Cunningham a Happy Friday the 13th on the actual day is a fan’s dream come true. Everyone I met and spoke with over the weekend were fan friendly and fun.

Incidentally, I finally did get a photo with Kane Hodder during the weekend. When I was bummed I couldn’t get a photo with him on Friday the 13th because of the lengthy line, he told me to come back another time and we would take a picture. I caught him as he was packing up his stuff in the autograph room on the last day. He kept his word when I spotted him and graciously took yet another fan photo. I was elated, the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

Kane Hodder 2

Even if you live nowhere near where Monster Mania is held (New Jersey and Maryland), I hope you are encouraged to attend a horror convention in your area. Not only will you meet some of the top names in horror, you can stock up on unique swag, and maybe even meet a new friend or fiend.

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