12 Monkeys S01 E10: Divine Move


Betrayal by a friend, who tells you that they want to save the world, is a bitter pill to swallow. That’s what happened in last week’s episode of “12 Monkeys.” For now, Jones’ secret is safe, but for how long. The plague must be stopped, but Ramse doesn’t want Cole to succeed. Time travel is a heart breaker.

Rinse and Repeat

It’s 2015 and while Cassie and Aaron are making plans for a vacation and getting all comfy cozy, someone drops in. Cole is greeted like the plague he’s trying to prevent. “What are you doing here? Cassie and Aaron ask and, rightfully so.

I have to side with Cassie and Aaron. Cole (Aaron Stanford) is from the future. Cole’s supposed to know what to do, especially since he has the benefit of ultimate hindsight, but he’s screwed up again. They are right back where they started from. Rinse and repeat. Does this mean Cassie gets to die again? That is what scares Aaron. The plague wasn’t stopped, but why? Let’s go over our list, shall we: find Leland, check; find origin, check; find Night Room, check; find remains, check; find virus in Chechnya, check. So what went wrong Mr. Time Traveler? Good question.


Cole’s and Cassie’s visit to Oliver Peters’ lab reveals the very dead husband of Dr. Peters (Ramon De Ocampo) and, the return of my favorite bad guy. Pallid Man (Tom Noonan) is back or, at least, his flower petals are. On this show, no one stays dead.  Cassie (Amanda Schull) wants to track Peters’ whereabouts via animal requisitions, but Cole is falling apart and, with his return to the future, Cassie is left on her own. Only kidding; Cassie has lover boy, Aaron (Noah Bean), to help her. The good news about tonight’s episode is that Dr. Peters’ gay marriage is mentioned even if it only lasted for a short time.


The last two episodes focused on Ramse (Kirk Acevedo). Ramse and Cole are blood brothers. They’ve grown up in an apocalypse, but there is one thing that can come between blood brothers; blood. Ramse has a son and, a woman he loves. If Cole succeeds in resetting time, Ramse’s son vanishes. Is the fate of the world dependent on the love of one person? That question is asked several times tonight. For Ramse, the answer is a loud yes.


Jones sends Whitley to retrieve the drug needed for Cole to splinter. At the beginning of this series, I didn’t care much for Demore Barnes’ Whitley. I thought we had a rogue soldier who blindly followed the orders given to him, but Whitley has surprised us. He has honor. He refuses to carry out Jones’ (Barbara Sukowa) orders.


The Daughters

We have new players on the field and, like the ancient Amazon female warriors, the daughters led by an older Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire), are armed to the teeth. Ramse gets a taste of what Cole has been going through when he asks Jennifer about the 12 Monkeys symbol. Wearing a large conical peasant hat and speaking in riddles, Jennifer says a whole lot of nothing to Ramse. What exactly was she telling him? It’s like listening to Yoda speaking to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Jennifer does make mention of the witness.

Conclusion and Splinter Alert

While Jones has Cole baking in some easy bake oven to slow down his cell degeneration, Cassie and Aaron find Dr. Oliver Peters. They are too late. The virus is already out there somewhere. Dr. Peters picked his husband’s life over the fate of the world. Rinse and repeat. Over and over the same mistakes take place. Aaron bumps into Striking Woman (Alisen Down) who asks him to pick which is more important and, what would he do to keep Cassie alive. Isn’t it time they gave Striking Woman a real name?


Cassie, Aaron and Ramse are getting a little tired of the rinse and repeats. They want to set time straight, but Jones is holding the cards. Her quest to bring back her child is making her deal out a dead man’s hand to the people in both the past and future. Ramse is a man of his word. He promised to keep his son safe, but Ramse’s ride through time is a one way trip to 1987 Tokyo. Can Cole find Ramse and, if he does, what will he do?

Blood is thicker than water. Rinse and Repeat.

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