Marvel’s Agent Carter S01 E06: A Sin to Err


With only two more episodes after this one, we are in the home stretch of “Marvel’s Agent Carter.” Things are getting tight, with a Black Widow prototype on her tail, and soon her own comrades at the SSR, it’s not looking good for Peggy. Rendezvous with me after the checkpoint for my thoughts on “A Sin to Err.”

Revelations and Empowerment

We open on a recruitment meeting for Leviathan as remembered by Dr. Ivchenko, the psychiatrist rescued from The Red Room last episode. The man recounts his knowledge of the organization, and quick questioning by Carter reveals a plot that pulls together several loose ends of the series so far. Dooley, impressed with her performance in Russia, is no longer asking for coffee, and that’s refreshing. All the things we’ve hated about this series regarding the battle of the sexes in the forties are actually paying off.


Perhaps it’s also because this episode was written by a woman, Lindsey Allen, that many of the dated perceptions have been pushed aside finally, but I would hate to be the guy to say that. Either way, Carter is back in control and relatively respected – as she should have been from the start, in my opinion. It’s a shame that respect is almost at an end in this very episode.

Almost Normal

Angie auditions for the Captain America radio show while Peggy mends bridges with Jarvis at the automat. Dooley is making small talk with Ivchenko about his domestic situation. It’s almost like things are back to normal. Peggy and Jarvis track down Stark’s ex-girlfriends searching for potential Black Widows. It’s notable that neither the words ‘Black Widow’ nor ‘Red Room’ have been actually said out loud. Ah, the trickery of a good Easter egg.


Meanwhile our real Black Widow, psycho Dottie is playing the spy game with the Russian psychiatrist right under Dooley’s nose. Her new mission, kill Peggy Carter. I have often given props to “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” for being a great espionage show, but “Agent Carter” does some cool stuff right here. And while I’m giving out props, James D’Arcy as Jarvis is great comic relief, and just a damn good actor otherwise too.

Mind Games

Dr. Ivchenko is more than a victim, more than a psychiatrist, and yes, more than even a hypnotist. He’s not just Leviathan, he’s hardcore Leviathan, and has Dooley figured out and taken apart before he knows it. I’m sure we’ll find out what he did to him sooner or later, whether it’s a post-hypnotic suggestion or full-on mind control. Could Dr. Ivchenko actually be Dr. Faustus from the comics? He is a character with a past with Peggy Carter…


When Peggy and Jarvis are ambushed in the automat, an awesome fight ensues with Agent Carter showing off her fighting skills to the tune of “It’s a Good Day” by Peggy Lee. I love this scene. Not so much because Dooley’s been compromised, but because of Souza’s evidence, Carter is now a wanted woman.

Widow’s Kiss

When Peggy’s on the run, the SSR comes to the Griffith looking for her, making the landlady nuts, and giving Angie her moment. When Angie starts to act, to fool the agents off Peggy’s trail, I almost cheered. Go, girl! Proof of girl power in the forties. I hope we see her starring in the Captain America radio show before the series is done. But before Peggy can make her escape, Dottie stops her for a final goodbye, a kiss with Peggy’s own special lipstick, knocking her out.


Before (and yeah, I heard the cop out alarm loud and clear) Dottie can finish our heroine off, the SSR comes on the scene and takes Peggy away. Curious how Dottie couldn’t take them out and complete her mission. How could Peggy take down the same amount of agents earlier in the episode yet Dottie the psycho Black Widow couldn’t do the same? Peggy is taken in and put in the interrogation room where Dooley warns not to go easy on her because she’s a girl. Touche.

Next: Peggy tells all, or does she? Is Dr. Ivchenko really Dr. Faustus? And where did Dottie go? Hopefully we’ll find out next week in “Snafu!”

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  1. I’d hazard a guess and say that Dottie didn’t want to blow her cover.

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