Naming A Cosmic Horror With Nameless #1 On The Wednesday Run

Nameless 1Who isn’t a fan of weird, cosmic horror?

Well, probably a lot of people out there in the world, actually.

But they should be. They will be.

You see, as of today, the “ultimate horror comic”, as fan favourite artist and co-creator Chris Burnham is calling it, gets released. His co-conspirator is writer Grant Morrison, himself a legend in the comic book industry.

So, what name do they give their tale of terror? Well, that’s easy.

Follow me after the jump for a quick rundown of Nameless #1.

Nameless #1

Written by: Grant Morrison

Illustrated by: Chris Burnham

Published by: Image Comics

After working together on the critically acclaimed – and entirely fun – Batman Inc. series a few years ago for DC Comics, Morrison and Burnham have re-teamed for their own creator-owned series. The six-issue mini-series, Nameless, is published where all great, creator-owned series’ go to get published these days: Image Comics.

While Morrison is still tidying up the 52 known universes at DC Comics (his amazing series of interconnected stories in Multiversity was highlighter here back in August of last year and here again with his Multiversity Guidebook just last week), it’s horror in a Lovecraftian cosmic, sci-fi, way that has the attention of comic book readers today.

Nameless tells of seemingly terrifying and disparate elements that, knowing Morrison’s work, will tie together in some rich elucidation by the series’ end. In the first issue, we’ll be introduced to an occult hustler recruited by a consortium of futurists on a desperate mission, the cryptic warning of an astronaut who kills his family – and himself, and a veiled lady who hunts her victims through human nightmares. All the while, the asteroid Xibalba spins closer on its collision course with earth. Nothing is what it seems, we’re told, excepts that that a “terrifying human experience is about to begin.”

And I’m not sure if that’s for the characters of this series – or its readers!

One thing I do know is that Nameless is going to be one fascinating ride through the annals of cosmic horror!

Sound interesting?

Then let’s all name our most eagerly anticipated horror comic book of the week together, and make the run to our local comic book shops today, picking up Nameless #1.

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