Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Savvy Reader Returns With Gifts For Pop Culture Fanatics

SV1Still looking for the perfect gift? The Savvy Reader has prepared a perfect gift guide for the Pop Culture fans/Readers in your life! Whether they obsess over boy bands (Directioners), television cult-classics (Whovians), or 90’s heart-throbs (Team Brandon), we have a book for just about everyone!

For the Boy Band Fanatic:












According to Urban Dictionary,”fangirling” is the reaction a fangirl has to any mention or sighting of the object of her “affection.” Whether they are 12 or 24, I’m sure you have at least one “Directioner”  on your list or a fan of the Australian pop-punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer. One Direction: Who We Are is the band’s first official autobiography, in which pop sensations Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis bare all about their exciting careers from X-Factor to Midnight Memories. In conducting necessary research for this post (a.k.a watching One Direction music videos), I have become an official Directioner.  Similarly, Hey Let’s Make a Band by 5 Seconds of Summer reveals their official story so far, featuring embarrassing photos and new facts about the band. These band biographies are the perfect edition to any fan-girls (or fanboys) collection and is sure to make them swoon with excitement. Pair them with a CD of your favourite 1D or 5S0S songs!

For the Fan of YA Fiction:


If you have someone on your list who lives and breathes YA Fiction, these next two books are the perfect collector’s edition for established fans of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series and Harry Potter – but really, who doesn’t love Harry Potter? From books to movies to online worlds, these titles have become icons in the world of Popular Culture. Now a major motion picture, the beautiful Divergent Collector’s Edition features 72 pages of bonus content such as two essays by Veronica Roth, an excerpt from the movie script, a map of the Dauntless compound, and more! And for Harry Potter fans, Harry Potter: The Creature Vault features detailed profiles of J.K. Rowling’s magical creatures – dementors, house elves, merpeople and more! – and explores how they were brought to life in the Harry Potter film series. It also offers a removable poster featuring each creature and an interactive Eeylops Owl Emporium catalog. This gift is perfect for Harry Potter fans or anyone interested in the magic of film-making, because sometimes the movie is almost as good as the book.

For the Comedians:


Next to books, comedy is my second love from sitcoms to stand-up, sketch comedy and improv. I grew up watching funny people on TV and this year I got to read hilarious books by some of my favourite comedians (check out my post “Say ‘Yes and’ To Comedy Memoirs“).  For all the funny people on your list, I recommend Let’s Start a Riot: How a Young Drunk Punk Became a Hollywood Dad by Bruce McCulloch and Lady Parts by Andrea Martin – two of my absolute favourite books of 2014. Both McCulloch and Martin began their careers on Canadian sketch comedy programs that have become worldwide cult classics, Kids in the Hall and SCTV. Fans of these programs will recognize McCulloch and Martin’s signature sense of humour – the strange and wonderful of Canadian comedy – in a collection of personal stories, both humorous and poignantly human. I recommend pairing these gifts with a DVD of their respective comedy show or tickets to Second City where many comedians start their careers!

For the Cult Classic Fanatic:


Certain films and TV shows establish a cult status that take on a life of its own. Admittedly, I have never watched Doctor Who, but I am fascinated by the dedicated online fandom that is basically indiscernible to the inexperienced viewer. Even if you don’t understand the Doctor Who universe, we have the perfect gift for all the “Whovians” on your list. Doctor Who: The Secret Life of Monsters  provides an in-depth look into the hidden lives and mysteries of monsters from the show including proof that aliens do exist! This book chronicles a diverse range of alien species and will teach you everything you need to know in case of future invasions! From outer space to somewhere over the rainbow, All I Need to Know I Learned from the Wizard of Oz  by  Peter Guzzardi explores seven life lessons at the core of The Wizard of Oz just in time for the 75th anniversary of the film.  After 75 years, this film continues to inspire viewers and this feel-good book will resonate with fans of The Wizard of Oz or anyone who has imagined life “somewhere over the rainbow.”

For Fans of Celeb Memoirs:

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I’ll admit, I was on “Team Dylan” but Jason Priestly’s autobiography Jason Priestly: A Memoir is perfect for any fan of the iconic television series,  Beverly Hills, 90210. This show became an important cultural symbol of the 1990s and is now watched on Netflix with a particular – self-diagnosed – nostalgia for the 90s. If you have a friend recovering from a 90210 bender, I highly recommend this insightful memoir, in which Jason Priestly bares all about life as a 90s icon including all the highs and lows of stardom. Another celeb memoir, I highly recommend is Alan Cumming’s Not My Father’s Son. Alan Cumming is a highly regarded actor of stage and screen who has starred in other cult classics like Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (coming to Netflix!) and Eyes Wide ShutNot My Father’s Son is an incredibly insightful and emotional story of Cumming’s complicated relationship with an emotionally and physically abusive father that has shaped his life and career. Both memoirs are perfect for anyone on your list who is interested in the complex and fascinating lives of the rich and famous.

I hope we helped you cross-off all the Pop Culture Fanatics on your list.

~ Madison at The Savvy Reader

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