Sleepy Hollow S02 E09: Mama


In last week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” Katrina was introduced to her second born and although this baby, like Henry, is a demon, she can’t help but love that kid. While Ichabod fights the flu, Abbie and Jennie deal with the return of a dead relative.  Grab a box of tissues and follow me to Tarryton Psychiatric Hospital.


Henry taunts Katrina about her mothering skills and we all know that forgiveness is not in his vocabulary. Because of the amulet she wears around her neck, Katrina is tricked into seeing that baby in the cradle as human. It is anything but. This anger that Henry has towards his parents is getting a bit old. Henry aka the Second Horseman acts like a spoiled child even though he’s a grown man… and old man, and yet, Katrina and Ichabod still want to save him. I’m saying it’s time to give Henry a Jethro Gibbs smack to the back of the head.


This episode with Katrina bonding with baby Moloch reminds me so much about a film I had recently reviewed for this year’s 31 Days of Horror; Rosemary’s Baby. Is it possible that these women, Rosemary and Katrina are able to love the demon spawn just because it takes the form of a helpless infant. A mother’s love can overlook many faults, but can it still love that which brings about the apocalypse. What do the mothers of evil men think about their sons? If Hitler’s mother had lived to see her son rule Germany, would she look kindly on her son? Even if he orchestrated such horrible atrocities? I guess we’ll never know.


Nothing that hell dishes out can stop our handsome Ichabod who has managed to stay alive in spite of the many monsters that are sent his way each week. It isn’t always the biggest threat that will bring a grown man to his knees, but the smallest. Say hello to the common cold. This show is about Abbie and Jenny’s mom and the big guy can sleep this episode out…thanks to Nick’s matzo ball soup and a few knock out pills. I’m loving that Nick Hawley (Matt Barr) had a bigger part this week.


People are dying at the Tarryton Psychiatric Hospital and Abbie is sent to investigate.  Since Jenny was a former patient there, she comes along to help. Captain Irving is still locked away, but that’s his choice. He doesn’t want to give in to Henry’s power over him. This is also the hospital where Lori (Aunjanue Ellis) Jenny and Abbie’s mom died. The girls were led to believe that they were put in foster care because mom was psychotic. The girls only remember the times that Mom acted strange and had visions. How do you explain a mental illness to a child? How do you explain it to an adult? Jenny and Abbie want to learn more about their mother’s death.

Monster of the Week

We have a mercy killer for this week’s monster and it’s Sleepy Hollow’s version of Nurse Ratched. Nurse Lambert (Cynthia Stevenson) is just a little too helpful with the patients and it isn’t long before Abbie and Jenny learn that she likes to push pills; psychotropic pills and that’s what’s causing all those sudden suicides. With Ichabod out cold, Nick is helping the girls find clues on mom. We’ve come a long way in our treatment of the insane, but not far enough. Abbie, Jenny and Nick find a clue in a room where Lori was held in solitary confinement. I feel that solitary confinement is barbaric especially if used on a person already suffering from the isolation of mental illness.


You know what’s scarier than demons? Psychopaths like Nurse Lambert gives me the jitters and it’s because people like the character on tonight’s show do get away with murder in real life and it may take years before they are caught. In tonight’s episode we learn that Nurse Lambert was electrocuted for this crime, but the dead don’t stay dead and Moloch needed her to not only kill Lori, but also Abbie.


Ichabod, thanks to the soup, is back on the job and the girls have said their final goodbyes to mom. While Captain Irving breaks out of the psych ward, Katrina has to deal with baby Moloch who is now a hungry five year old. Will we be seeing a teenage Moloch next week? See you next week, my little sleepy heads.

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