Lordi – Scare Force One


Finnish monster band Lordi saw the recent release of their latest album, Scare Force One. This is the second disc from the current lineup of Mr. Lordi, Amen, OX, Mana, and Hella.  Check out the review after the jump.

Scare Force One begins with a brief intro. SCG7:  Arm Your Doors and Cross Check is a minute and a half of ominous goodness. Part of it reminds me of Gregorian chanting, and sets the tone for the rest to come.

SCG7 segues smoothly into the title track. There is a video for this song that can be seen here.  If you weren’t afraid of flying before, you soon will be.

How to Slice a Whore is part commercial, part instruction manual. It’s a cautionary tale for whores everywhere.

We know where clowns come from in Hell Sent in the Clowns. Hella’s keyboard adds a carnival element to the track, and the creepy chant of “clowns are coming” completes the eerie vibe.

House of Ghosts is a tune about living in a haunted house. Spooky stuff.

Monster is My Name reminds the listener that the monsters are here and there’s nothing you can do but deal with it.

In Cadaver Lover a woman prefers her men dead than alive. It’s sort of a reverse of Alice Cooper’s Cold Ethyl.

Amen’s Lament to Ra II is a beautiful, short solo by the axe-wielding mummy.

Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein is the album single. It’s a fun song but the Frankie’s brides part seems odd. Otherwise, it’s an enjoyable track.

The United Rocking Dead is about the monsters. They are in control; disobey them and suffer the consequences.

The clever She’s a Demon is a letter to mom, describing her son’s love interest. There’s just one problem . . .

Hella’s solo, Hella’s Kitchen, demonstrates both her keyboard skill and vocal talent. It’s reminiscent of the Poltergeist theme, down to the children’s voices.

Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir! A shout out to a beloved leader, part of this song reminds me a bit of AC/DC. The cadence is fitting, considering the subject.

At the end of the album is a short bit that isn’t a song. Estimated Time of Arrival would have been better left at the gate, but it’s worth a listen once, if you’re playing the album in order.


As a member of the Lordi Army, I prefer the darker, heavier, and nastier incarnation of the band. They are monsters after all, and this sound is more in tune with their persona. I hope they continue moving in that direction, but not so far as to become off putting.

If you’re already a fan or want to check them out, Lordi’s newest album is a wise investment. The songs are catchy, heavy, and loud with a bit of humor in the lyrics. It has a scarier feel than previous releases. Buckle up and enjoy Scare Force One. There may be slight turbulence along the way, but it’s mostly a smooth flight.