The Strain S01 E07: For Services Rendered



Evil exists in darkness, but flees at the first rays of light, except when you’re a vampire, who’s able to hide underground or in dark rooms; shades pulled closed. We witnessed the moon’s eclipse of the sun in last week’s episode; now our heroes make their way in a team effort to track down the Master. Who will they use as bait? Did you ever wonder how Eichorst became the Master’s second in command? Maybe we’ll find out on this week’s episode of “The Strain.” Step lightly, their hearing is enhanced.

Silver Bullet

One victim at a time and before you know it the disease and the Master’s minions spread out throughout the city, but Setrakian has his own plans; silver. Silver is one of those things that really pisses off vampires. Just ask our friends over at “True Blood.” Silver is used to cleanse away evil. Kill the Master and his spawn die. Ephraim and Setrakian decide to use Jim as their silver bullet. Will Jim help them? Will Jim’s wife let him?


We’re given more flashbacks of Setrakian’s time at the concentration camp. Eichorst has found a Jewish talisman in one of the barracks. After a few of his fellow prisoners are shot, Setrakian owns up to carving the holy symbol. Eichorst is impressed and gives him a job of carving a very large box. Eichorst and Setrakian talk honestly about their feelings of Hitler and while Eichorst appreciates all that Hitler has done, he hints at a new love; a new leader. So… now we know what Setrakian is being forced to build.

Gus (Miguel Gomez) and his friend have been given their cavity searches and their prison jammies and the prison officers don’t want to hear anything about freaky stuff on the streets. They’ve seen it all. But, Felix isn’t feeling his best. He’s infected and Gus knows that it won’t be long before those vampy worms hit the fan.


Neeva doesn’t know exactly what’s wrong with her employer, Mrs. Luss, but she does know that the children are safer at her house. Neeva’s daughter, a nurse, disagrees and forces her mom to bring the children back. Neeva’s first clue that she should have stayed home is the dead Mr. Luss on the living room floor. Her second clue is Mrs. Luss slinking her way down the stairway looking like hell warmed over and flinging her stinger at the kids. Neeva, her daughter and the kids run for their lives, but they are trapped in the house with mommy dearest.




Jim is kind of a wuss, but after losing a big argument with his wife, Sylvia, Jim decides to join forces with Setrakian and his two elves Eph and Nora. Jim’s extortion phone call to Palmer sets the dice rolling and Eichorst fuming. How dare that little piss ant Jim Kent challenge the great Eichorst! After Jim and Eichorst meet at the train station, Eichorst is ready to give Jim the old stinger.

Conclusion and Spoiler Alert

What if you were locked inside a jail cell with your best friend and you knew that friend would eventually turn into a blood sucking monster? What would you do? You have no weapons and your fellow cell mates are clueless. I like Gus. He’s street smart and if I was in the middle of a vampire invasion, I’d want him watching my back. I’m waiting to see how the writers get Gus out of this mess.

Miguel Gomez as Augustin Gus Elizalde the Mexican gangster in The Strain Season 1 Episode 1 Night Zero

Unable to kill Jim because of too many witnesses at the train station, Eichorst takes off looking for Setrakian while Nora, Jim and Ephraim play Keystone Kops and chase after Eichorst. I like Richard Sammel. He’s one hell of an actor and even though he’s the “bad guy” I love the way he takes control of every scene he’s in. That’s more than I can say for the actor who plays Ephraim.

During the flashbacks into Setrakian’s imprisonment at a concentration camp, it is Eichorst that does the philosophizing on war and its victims. Setrakian was given a choice; the end result would be his death. There was no other option. Eichorst left that gun on the table as a dare, and maybe, if Setrakian was quick, he could have killed Eichorst, but he didn’t. Setrakian was and will always be the mouse and Eichorst the cat. Before Eichorst can sting Setrakian, Ephraim shoots him with a silver bullet.

Neeva, her daughter and the two Luss children are saved by a team of ninja vampires. I kid you not. They show up just in time and, after killing off mommy dearest and her mate, they allow everyone to leave after it’s determined that the humans are not contaminated; everyone but Neeva’s daughter. She should have listened to her mother.


Ninja vamps! I love it and I’m hope they’ll pump some blood into a slow moving series. The vampires on this show seem to put more passion into their bite. We need the human characters to do the same thing. Don’t worry about Eichorst my little blood banks. It was a leg wound and he grabbed the train for a quick get-away.

See you next week, and don’t forget to check out Biff Bam Pop’s review of the “True Blood” series finale by Glenn Walker.

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  1. Two thing one that wooden book Setrakian carved was the master’s coffin two Felix being infected and in jail is really going to bring the world closer to destruction.

      1. That main guys voice lulled me into trusting him which is weird because his face should say otherwise haha 😀

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