6 Years Of Biff Bam Pop!

Happy Birthday Biff Bam Pop!Today marks the 6 year anniversary of Biff Bam Pop! 6 years! Some sites barely last 6 weeks. But with a devotion to our craft (of loving pop culture) and an amazing group of people who have contributed over the years, we’ve continued and grown. What an honour to write about the stuff we love, and even more, to be read by a devoted audience. Thank you so much! I must give a special shout-out to the peeps who have been especially involved in the past 12 months, especially as I’ve had my hands often tied working on my upcoming book Wrapped In Plastic: Twin Peaks (out in February 2015 from ECW Press). This year, I’ve been more hands off then before, but some fine folks have kept things running. So thanks to JP Fallavollita, Glenn Walker, Luke Sneyd and Marie Gilbert for their help. As well, this year we welcomed Jim Knipp, Ensley Guffy, K. Dale Koontz and Leiki Veskimets to the regular family as well, and we’re happy to have them.

We look forward to another year of writings, ramblings and much more. Thanks for reading!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy Anniversary and here’s to six more years of the best pop culture commentary and review to be found on The Internet!

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