BBP! Celebrates Batman @ 75: The Bat-Signal Shines Forever On

batman imageIf you’ve been a regular visitor to this site over the past two weeks, you know that the Biff Bam Pop! crew of writers has happily been neck-deep in bat-flavoured musings.

If you’re just hearing about all this “bat-stuff” now, here’s the why: Batman turned seventy-five years of age this year, didn’t ‘ya know?

Follow me after the jump for a final word (for now) on one of the world’s greatest pop-culture icons!

Two full weeks of Batman related articles, thoughts, ideas and arguments on this website, and, with seventy-five years worth of material to mine, we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface! The way I see it, that’s a good thing. The Dark Knight Detective is going to turn seventy-six next year, after all!

Is there a pop culture comic book character more interpretational, more timeless, or more cool, than Batman? He’s a hero for the ages. He’s a hero for every age. He’s grown and changed in lockstep with our very culture, our politics and fears, our philosophies and laws, and our hopes and dreams.

Only a microcosm over the length of his life, here’s what the writers of Biff Bam Pop! have said over the last two weeks about Batman @ 75:

A Birthday IntroductionJP Fallavollita sets the table, lights the candles, and then cuts the cake on Biff bam Pop’s celebration of Batman @ 75.

A Costume That Changes With UsCampy or gritty? Traditionalist or futurist? Spandex or Kevlar? JP Fallavollita takes a tour of some of the all-time greatest Batman costumes.

The Batmobile – It’s the coolest car(s) in the history of television. Here, Glenn Walker gets behind the wheel(s).

Batman’s Ladies: The Good, The Bad And The CrazySuave playboy by day, Batman at night was no less charming. Marie Gilbert runs through the various sexy femme fatales and love interests of everyone’s favourite Dark Knight.

The Batman Of Earth-TwoWait! There’s more than one Batman? Bat-fan Glenn Walker pulls the lost, but not forgotten, Batman of another earth from obscurity and shows-and-tells him to all of us.

The GAR! Podcast: The All-Batman EpisodeGlenn Walker and Ray Cornwall, two of pop-cultures most cultured podcasters, prove that they’ve got bats in their belfry. It’s all Batman, all the time, in another of their eclectic and energetic discourses.

Beware The BatmanIt might be fairly recent, but Glenn Walker tells us that the digital cartoon, Beware the Batman is a grower for a new generation.

Jokers WildAs interpretational as Batman is, so too is his greatest enemy! From the clownish to the crazy, Luke Sneyd walks us through a gallery of various Jokers.

The Origin Of A Batman Love AffairEveryone has his or her first love. In regards to comics, with JP Fallavollita, it was a certain Batman comic book (scissors required).

My First Batman ComicsWith 75 years of comic book library to choose from, Glenn Walker discusses the Batman comics that inspired him.

The Noir KnightOne of the greatest and most influential cartoons in modern history, Luke Sneyd delves deep into the production of Batman: The Animated Series.

Tim Burton’s BatmanOn its 25th anniversary, Andy Burns reminisces the Batman film that started it all – Tim Burton’s Batman.

If I Did It – The Dark KnightIt might raise an eyebrow or two, but Glenn Walker, a man who dislikes the second installment of the Nolan trilogy, describes how he’d make The Dark Knight film himself.

batsignalHappy birthday, Batman! May you take us all on many, many more adventures! May the bat-signal shine forever on!

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