Defiance S02 E08: Slouching Towards Bethlehem



In episode six of “Defiance” we had an arkfall and a Gulanee on a rampage, but it was no accident. You can thank the players of the Defiance videogame for that mess. What happens in the game can cross over to the show and vice versa. In episode seven, we dealt with alien cosplay, eye donors and Mercado serenading Christie while Alak bedded Treasure Doll, but that’s nothing compared to what happens tonight. Get your search warrant ready, and meet me at the Need Want.


While Nolan and Irisa argue over her recent weirdness and healing powers; she claims Irzu made her immortal; Nolan thinks it’s a case of alien micro robotic nanites. Nolan, who is now working for the Earth Republic, gets a call from Mercado. There is a terrorist threat to New York; a dirty nuke is set to go off and they have to find the people responsible. Does anyone else find it strange how accommodating Nolan has become for the E-Rep?


Search warrant in hand, Nolan and several soldiers enter the NeedWant and arrest one of Amanda’s employees and right when he was about to get it on with another employee. They suspect Mahsuvus of being a spy for the Collective. Is he? More importantly why is Nolan the one administering the Shrills into Mahsuvus’s body? These nasty bugs eat their way through flesh. When the Shrills fail to work, Mercado orders an E.G.O. extraction which stands for “You’re screwed”! Mercado (William Atherton) is so much nicer as Lerutak.



Yes, my little Votans, Kenya (Mia Kirshner) is alive. I’m guessing she didn’t drink all the poison Stahma gave her; however, she is still in deep doo-doo. Someone is holding her for ransom and if Amanda doesn’t help Mahsuvus escape, Kenya will die… maybe. Her captor is wearing a mask and he sounds like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Amanda can’t get Nolan to free Mahsuvus, so she takes matters into her own hands by stealing some drugs from Doc Yewll. Kenya tries to escape.

Irzu’s Party

Irisa the Immortal (that’s what I’m calling her) can’t be killed, so she volunteers to track down the bad guys and free Kenya, but she detoured by Kaziri who was infected by Irisa in the beginning of season two. Sukar, who I’m happy to say is still alive, shows up like nothing has happened and he’s brought some stragglers with him. Are they infected, too? The title of tonight’s episode definitely has to do with Irzu. We have no idea what is happening with Irisa, but the 1919 William Butler Yeats poem, “The Second Coming,” speaks of the apocalypse: “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.” I think the people of Defiance are in big trouble.



It’s not a good show unless the marvelous Jaime Murray makes her appearance as the Castithan version of mobsters gone wild. She’s like a cobra and slithers through an interrogation with ease. Tommy may have recently been promoted, but Stahma, who is tired from all this talk of bombs and terrorists, zings Tommy with the revelation that Berlin and Nolan are lovers. Bummer!

Stahma, ever the loving wife, visits Datak. She suspects that he and Rafe are in cahoots with the collective. She’s brought him a gift; a big gun that is hidden in a basket of flowers. Datak returns the favor with his own big gun and the meeting turns sexual, but not everyone is okey dokey with this little afternoon delight. Stahma’s henchmen are a bit worried about Datak regaining control. Aren’t we all?


Irisa, Sukar and their merry mob of infected aliens leave us with many questions and we have no idea if Irzu is out to destroy the Earth. Right now, Nolan seems fine with Irisa’s ability to heal from all wounds, but the time will come when he will have to save Irisa from her demons or kill her to save the planet.

Defiance - Episode 2_07 - If You Could See Her Through My Eyes - Promotional Photo

Amanda rescues Mahsuvus before his brains get sucked out, only to see him die before she can trade him for Kenya. You can thank Datak and his big gun for saving the day. Luckily Nolan learns the location of the bomb before Mahsuvus dies… now all they have to do is rescue Kenya. Speaking of rescue, did the bad guys give up Kenya too quickly? The whole scene seemed rushed and the bad guys get away. We never learn who they are or why they wanted to destroy New York. Kenya is okay but does she remember what happened to her. I can’t wait to see how Stahma and Datak handle the return of Kenya. Some secrets don’t stay buried. See you next week, my little Votans, but keep away from Datak. He has a big gun.


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