3 Days To Kill Surprises, Pompeii Bombs – Biff Bam Pop Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

The_Lego_Movie_posterThe early weekend estimates are in and, as it stands, our predictions didn’t do particularly well. Here’s what went down:

The LEGO Movie held on to the top spot at the box office for the third weekend in a row, bringing in $32.5 million, raising its total to an outstanding $184 million. It’s no surprise that we’ll be seeing a sequel come March 2017.

Debuting in second place is the Kevin Costner crime flick, 3 Days To Kill, with $11.8 million. It’s not a great number, but its better than I thought it would do, considering I didn’t even place it in the top five.

Pompeii was a complete bomb, grossing just $9.6 million. There’s just no way the studio can be an optimist about this. People only seem to enjoy their disaster films when they’re contemporary, or so it seems.

As for the rest of the top five, Robocop came in fourth with $9.4 million, while The Monuments Men closed things out in fifth with $7.9 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) The LEGO Movie – $36 million
2) Robocop – $13 million
3) About Last Night – $12.5 million
4) Pompeii – $12 million
5) The Monuments Men – $10 million

And here’s how the weekend went down:

1) The LEGO Movie – $32.5 million
2) 3 Days To Kill – $11 million
3) Pompeii – $9.6 million
4) Robocop – $9.4 million
5) The Monuments Men – $7.9 million

Next week see the release of Son of God and Non-Stop. Check back on Friday to see our predictions!

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