Saturday At The Movies – Austenland

AustenlandThis winter has done a huge number on me, health wise. I’ve had pneumonia, ear infections and now strep throat. The only good thing is the popsicles and ice cream I’ve been downing since last night. Oh, and the movie watching. Since I’m not up to full blown review mode, I thought I’d at least give you my quickie thoughts on one a new release.

Austenland: the Queen and I actually watched this a few days ago before I got sick, and rather enjoyed it. It’s the story of a Jane Austen obsessed woman (Keri Russell) who takes a trip to Austenland, where she gets to dress up in gowns and have her very own Austen-like romance. It’s pretty light fare, but Russell makes a very compelling leading lady. She shines every moment she’s on screen (which is pretty much every minute of the film). Austen fans will no doubt love the film, and hubbies and boyfriends trying to get in their partners good graces could do a lot worse than sit through this one.

Sorry I don’t have more details but the meds are kicking in. I’ll see you on the other side.

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