February Faves: Leiki’s Five Favorite Performances by Seth Green


For the month of February, we’re doing something special here at Biff Bam Pop! Each week our writers and correspondents will be compiling lists of their favorite things. Leiki Veskimets has taken on a unique favourite five, meet us after the jump for her five favourite performances by Seth Green…


1. As Oz on the TV series “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003). An obvious but well deserved choice. A cult-classic that took the earlier movie (1992 of the same name, in which Seth had a small, uncredited part) and turned it into a gripping, layered and brilliant show that depicted teens as much more than clichés and stereotypes. Touring guitarist by day and werewolf by full-moon-night, Oz, his relationship with Willow and his contributions to other worldly battles in Sunnydale kept viewers tuned in each week.


2. Scott Evil in both “Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me” (1999) and “Austin Powers Goldmember” (2002). Two of his bigger blockbusters, Seth played frustrated and rejected teenage son to Mike Myers’ kooky Dr. Evil and each scene together played like improv gold. From group therapy to Jerry Springer and the simple act of a father telling his son to “Zip it”, it was laugh out loud hilarity you could watch over and over again.


3. As a fictional version of himself in 3 episodes of “Entourage” (2004-2011). Was so convincing as a cocky asshole who gets his kicks getting on someone else’s nerves that it was slightly uncomfortable to watch. Not known for the type of character you want to punch in the face, his douche-baggery (doubt that’s a real word) was quickly a “love to hate him” show favourite. Not to perpetuate the very false impression that he’s like that in real life, but now that they’re making the TV show into a feature film, I can’t help wondering if he might have a cameo. Fingers crossed.


4. As Lyle in “The Italian Job” (2003), Seth was the brilliant but nerdy punch line and comic relief to very serious criminals played by Mark Whalberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham and Edward Norton. Believable as the real inventor of Napster, he quickly curried favour with the audience as the brains you’d hire to hack into city websites to control traffic lights. But it’s the scene where he narrates how Handsome Rob (Jason Statham) can talk women into anything that is most entertaining. The outtakes for that scene are worth checking out on YouTube.


5. To round out the list, one must include the voice talent displayed as Chris Griffin in TV’s “Family Guy” (1999-today). Fifteen years and counting as the voice-cracking teen, Seth is unrecognizable in this iconic role that lives in fear of the evil monkey in his closet and just wants his dad to like him. It also deserves mention for, if not motivating, then at least helping to facilitate his own sketch comedy show “Robot Chicken,” launched in 2005.

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