February Faves: Marie Gilbert’s Favorite Television Villains


Some villains are easy to hate while others are so complicated you don’t know how to feel. What television series had the best villains? I’ve picked my choices from the three series I’ve covered this past year. Who will win the coveted prize as the villain who made bad look so damn good? Who will be the King of Bad? Find out after the jump.

Bates Motel

There were a few men on the Bates Motel series that were close runners-up for the title of King of Bad including Deputy Zach Shelby (Mike Vogel) and Sheriff Alex Romero (Nester Carbonell), but the one that upset me the most was the slimy mysterious Mr. Abernathy (Jere Burns).

Mr. Abernathy Room #9

He showed up unexpected at the Bates Motel like a bad storm on the horizon. Demanding a specific motel room (#9), it wasn’t long before Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) realized she had met her match in evilness. Mr. Abernathy was into human trafficking; the sale of slaves. Mr. Abernathy sold young girls for the sex trade, and he was looking for his missing payoff. He thought Norma had his money; she didn’t.  Mr. Abernathy sends Norma a message by leaving the rotting body of Deputy Shelby in Norma’s bed. Would Mr. Abernathy win the title of King of Bad?

American Horror Story: Coven

There were three men from American Horror Story Coven who I considered for the King of Bad Award: Hank Foxx (Josh Hamilton), Spalding (Denis O’Hare), and Axeman (Danny Huston). All three were deserving of this coveted award primarily because of their secretive and murdering habits, especially the Axeman, but Hank stood out above the rest. Why pick Hank, the loving husband of Cordelia (Sarah Paulson)? Hank married Cordelia under false pretense.


Using Cordelia’s love and trust as a cover, Hank used his wife’s connections to hunt down and kill witches. Hanks’ father was the leader of the Delphi Corporation, an institution devoted to wiping out everything connected to the occult. Hank was cheating on poor Cordelia, sleeping with unsuspecting witches before slaying them. Spalding may have played with dolls, and sure, the Axeman was a busy serial killer who played a sax, but a killer who is also a cheating husband ranks as the worst monster in my book. But, would Hank Foxx win the title of King of Bad?

The Walking Dead

On “The Walking Dead” we had many participants fighting for the title of King of Bad, starting with Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker), Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), but in the end, there was only one contestant left standing. The Governor (David Morrissey) kept us on the edge of our seats for almost two seasons.


Who could forget the buzz on Twitter when we got a glimpse of The Governor’s collection of heads or his zombie daughter, Penny… or The Governor’s version of “Battle of the Gladiators?” Ladies, who wouldn’t want this man for a lover? He was such a good catch…that is until you stood your ground and disagreed with his methods. Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Milton (Dallas Roberts) learned the hard way that leopards don’t change their spots.

The Governor almost tricked me into thinking he had changed. In season 4, he had found a new family with a new daughter; Megan (Meyrick Murphy) and I foolishly fell for it. But, the spots began to show as his thirst for revenge surfaced and had him killing all threats to his reign. With his capturing of Hershel (Scott Wilson) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) and his attack on the weakened and sick team of Team Prison, the leopard was back with claws extended. There can only be one winner for King of Bad, and that man is the Governor.

Scene from Defiance with Datak Tarr


With The Governor dead, who will claim this coveted crown?  Datak Tarr (Tony Curran) from the Syfy show, Defiance, is one contestant on the horizon. But, Datak Tarr will have to work his butt off to win the title that the Governor so easily won. The Governor used charm, cunning, and brute force to captivate the fans of “The Walking Dead” sometimes pushing Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and our very own stud muffin, Daryl (Norman Reedus), to the background as he mesmerized us with flashes of evil doings. Long live the King of Bad.


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  1. What evil bastards! Good list Marie 😀

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