There’s Only One Lone Survivor: Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Wrap-Up Report

While, this column’s regular contributor basks in the sun of a very well deserved holiday with his family, I’m tasked with counting turnstile receipts for this weekend’s box office results.

I must admit, although there aren’t any crazy headlines to be made from the decisions of movie-goers over the past few days, there are some surprising good results for one film, and some not-so-surprisingly horrible results for another.

How did our predictions pan out? Follow me after the jump and I’ll tell you all about it!

Lone_Survivor_posterAndy Burns mentioned that Mark Wahlberg has a track record of making for a great opening box office return in films. The action film Lone Survivor proves that to be absolutely true. Expectations for this film thought that it would open to the tune of $23 million dollars, good enough for a first place showing this past weekend. Lone Survivor surpassed those expectations by a wide margin, raking in $38.5 million. Wahlberg (and good word of mouth for the flick) have done it again!

Even with the dissipation of this frigid North American “polar vortex”, the animated Frozen continued to perform well, garnering a cool <a-hem> $15 million. Enough fans of swear words, sexism and the debauchery of the 1%, saw The Wolf of Wall Street to third place on the charts with a $9 million take.

The major disappointment, if you’re a studio called Millennium Films, a director named Renny Harlin or any actor or associated behind-the-scenes worker, is The Legend of Hercules. That movie opened to wide-release in over 2,100 theatres and managed to bring in a paltry $8.6 million. The film apparently cost roughly $40 million to make but a lacklustre marketing campaign, a very, very poor trailer that looked like a high school audio/visual student’s attempt at a Zach Snyder film aping Gladiator, ensured that this was going to be one trial that Hercules would never overcome. It’s a shame, really. The story is rife with possibility, but this version was badly executed. Although one or two of you saw it in theatres (one reader of Biff Bam Pop! called it the worst movie he’s seen in ten years), it can only hope to recoup some money in the after-market.

In other notable news, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug finally dropped out of the top five, but has now surpassed the $800 million mark in money earned. Not shabby at all.

So, to recap, here were the predictions:

1) Lone Survivor – $23 million

2) Frozen – $15 million

3) The Wolf Of Wall Street – $8.5 million

4) The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug – $8 million

5) American Hustle – $7 million

And here’s how the weekend actually turned out:

1) Lone Survivor –  $38.5 million

2) Frozen –  $15 million

3) The Wolf Of Wall Street –  $9 million

4) The Legend of Hercules – 8.6 million

5) American Hustle – 8.6 million  

JACK RYAN SHADOW RECRUITThis coming week sees the release of a plethora of films in various genres including the action spy-thriller of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (starring pop-culture fan favourite, Chris Pine), the horror themed Devil’s Due, the comedy Ride Along, and the animated The Nut Job.


It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of push awards season has on some films like American Hustle. Will it stay in the charts a little bit longer due to perceived Oscar buzz?

Stay with us – we’ll keep you in the film reel loop!

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