The Walking Dead S04 E08: Too Far Gone


Holy golf balls! We mistakenly thought that our rascally rabbit, The Governor, had become a mere shadow of the diabolical tyrant we all grew to love and hate. We were wrong! Megan, while playing a game of chess with The Governor, says to him, “It’s your move.” Move he does, starting with Martinez and working his way down to Peter, our new pond zombie. The Governor is back and he’s looking for a new home. Will Team Rick welcome him with open arms? Find out after the jump.



Oh yeah, our rascally rabbit is already telling lies to his new team; blaming Team Prison for all his problems. To survive, he needs to find a new home for his people, and he knows just where to look. So what if there are people already living there, that never stopped the governor before; right? He’ll make an offer Team Prison can’t refuse. He has Michonne and Hershel (Scott Wilson). How the hell did The Governor capture Michonne? I don’t understand it. But, he has them alright. Hershel tries to talk The Governor into living peacefully with Rick and the team. Ha! Leopards don’t change their stripes, they can hide them, but they can’t change them. The Governor is a sociopath; always was; always will be.

Team Prison

Glenn is getting better and Maggie’s happy. Sasha is getting better and wants to personally thank Bob. Everybody is happy except Daryl and Tyreese. When Rick tells Daryl about Carol, Daryl is upset, but… not as upset as I expected him to be. Tyreese is upset because he found something that won’t let him sleep. Hell, nobody’s going to sleep with the tanks at the prison gate.

While Rick and the Governor talk about the hostage situation, Daryl starts arming the team. Ricks got to make a choice. He offers The Governor and his people a home in one of the prison cells. I told you that leopards can’t change their spots and it’s very hard for a despot to go democratic. The Governor makes his move. What a creep. I’m so angry.



Things are looking pretty bad for Team Prison. They’ve lost their mentor and friend, and the gate is down. Not only is Team Prison trying to protect themselves from The Governor’s men, but the walkers have joined in the melee. I have to say that Carol did a great job of teaching the children how to fight. Kudos to Carol wherever she may be! Rick and The Governor fight, but The Governor is getting the upper hand. All hope is lost and a lot of people have died.


Conclusion and Lots of Spoilers

The lust for power can topple great civilizations and small surviving groups. While The Governor (David Morrissey) was busy fighting team prison the very child he had promised to keep safe, Megan (Meyrick Murphy), was attacked by a mud pie walker. Hershel was killed by The Governor in front of his daughters. His death was brutal, but it was the death of a warrior. Just when I thought that the governor would kill Rick, in comes Michonne. Of course, who else would’ve earned that pleasure? The Governor is dead, but it wasn’t Michonne who gave him the final coup de grace, it was Lilly. The Governor did not keep his promise to keep her child safe… but… it wasn’t the only child who died. Is Judith really dead? I guess we’ll have to wait until February to find out for sure.

Side note: Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohen, Scott Wilson were on “Talking Dead,” with featured interviews with David Morrissey, Andrew Lincoln, and Emily Kinney. Scott Wilson as Hershel was a mentor, doctor, farmer, and he was well liked by everyone in the cast. He will be missed.

Stay safe, my little zombie snacks.

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  1. Judith is not dead! Mark my word! I am going to miss Hershel’s wisdom and pleasant personality. Did he have to be decapitated though? SMDH.
    Great finale episode. Anticipating February’s debut like a pit walker anticipates a human snack!

    1. Hi Uriah. I’m hoping you’re right about that baby. If Hershel had to die, that is an honorable death in some cultures. Like you, I can’t wait for February. Thank you for always supporting Biff Bam Pop.

  2. That plaintive look on Rick’s face. Boy, that was absolutely heart wrenching. Some of the best stuff – maybe THE best stuff – I’ve witnessed from the talented Andrew Lincoln.

    1. You’re so right about that, JP. Andrew was outstanding with his character’s arc on this mid-season finale. He’s definitely back on his game

  3. MWAHAHAHAHA love a happy ending 😀

    Hang on, Governor killed Santa and in doing so ruined Christmas. Coal for you! Haha wow that was a cliff hanger, few deaths, few unknowns and A TANK…BOOM!

    Daryl kicking ass as normal and yeah what happened to Lil ass kicker? Hmm we’ll see in feb 😀

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