The Walking Dead S04 E07: Dead Weight


Where you as surprised as I was to see how pitiful and disheveled the Governor looked on last week’s episode? I sure as hell was. What was more interesting was how a child brought him back. Last week’s episode showed us the apocalyptic version of Beauty and the Beast. Yep, just like the fairy tales of old, Megan (Meyrick Murphy) with her innocence still, somewhat intact, reached out and touched the Governor’s heart. But now that his men have returned, will the Governor revert back to the beast or will he keep his promise to Megan? Only time will tell, my little zombie snacks. Meet me after the jump.

Brian’s Choice

Oh my, things aren’t looking too good for The Governor’s new family. No, seems that Martinez likes being the boss, and he doesn’t mind rubbing this in The Governor’s face. The Governor AKA Brian has to bite his tongue and answer to Martinez. When Martinez, Pete, Mitch and The Governor go looking for food, they discover a few headless bodies. Was it Michonne? Was it rogue Carol? Don’t know who’s killing the soldiers, but someone has taken the time to label each body; rapist, murderer, and liar. Sure sounds like something Michonne would do.


The Governor and his new family are living in a rundown Winnebago but for now they are with a group of other survivors and not alone. Even Tara is happy. She’s found true love in the midst of the apocalypse with Alicia. Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) is trying to run the trailer camp like Woodbury, but he and his friends, Pete and Mitch are just not as good as The Governor was and it’s starting to show. Something goes terribly wrong on one of their hunting trips; another group is wiped out. The Governor is trying to act cool, but when Martinez starts flirting with Lilly, our rascally rabbit makes his move.


The New Leader

Just a reminder, don’t play golf with The Governor, he has a mean swing. I knew that Martinez had to go, but I didn’t know how it was going down. Martinez becomes a mid afternoon snack for the pit walkers, but, what to do with Pete and Mitch? Pete is too much a goody two shoes and Mitch is outright nuts. The Governor kills Pete and makes Mitch his second in command and that’s when we know that the Governor is back! In fact, he was never gone, but now our rascally rabbit has to keep this new group safe. They are out in the open, no walls to protect them and it isn’t long before Megan is attacked by a walker.


New Home and a Spoiler Alert

The Governor really wants to be the good guy but a leopard can’t change its spots. Megan was almost a zombie snack and that means The Governor’s group needs to find a new home, a safer home. Now where should they go? Hmmm, there’s this little prison right over the hill. Rick vs. The Governor; we’re right back where we started. Side note: our pesky little rabbit has a new collection and Pete might be the first of many . The Governor will keep his promise to Megan even if it means another run in with Team Prison. But the big question now is… will he shoot Michonne? You’re guess is as good as mine. See you next week.

5 Replies to “The Walking Dead S04 E07: Dead Weight”

  1. Pond Zombie was good 😀

    The Governors return was a little rushed, I don’t really grasp how he can go from family man to lets invade a prison with a tank. What?!

    Not sure why a group of ill prepared or untrained people who are essentially committing suicide because some guy they have known for 5 minutes thinks its a good idea? Seems like a massive leap forward in their ruthless home taking ways. Whatever! Not as impressive as the books invasion 🙁

    1. Tim, I can’t wait to see if there will be more pond zombies:) I think the Governor has a charisma or commanding presence about him that makes people just follow his orders without asking questions.. This must be why the people of Woodbury seemed to obey him without questioning his motives, but we shall have to wait and see. Thank you for your support.

      1. Yeah I guess the charisma but in woodbury he lied out of his teeth to get people to do things, here he doesn’t seem to have too much of a plan. Maybe they’ll explain it a little better in the mid season finale 😀

  2. A leopard cannot change his spots is right! The Governor is back, sadistic and tyrannical as ever! Next weeks episode will be one for the ages.

    1. I can’t wait. The Governor makes being bad look so good. Thank you for your support of Biff Bam Pop!

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