The Walking Dead S04 E05: Internment


Last week’s episode was a shocker! I’m a die-hard fan of a show that habitually eliminates show runners and cast members as quickly as Lady GaGa switches outfits at concerts. Most of the time, it’s for the good of the show but, sometimes, I’m left wondering. Why did Rick banish a woman who could play teacher, mother, nurse, and zombie slayer without batting an eyelash? Just saying, Rick; Carol had better leadership traits; she did what had to be done. How will Team Prison react when they learn Carol is gone? Daryl? Find out after the jump.

Enemy at the Gate

Rick rides back to the prison with Carol’s watch on the seat next to him. This is the only reminder that she ever existed; sad. When Maggie lets Rick inside the prison, she asks about Carol. Rick tells Maggie why he sent Carol away. Now, I don’t know about you, but I was kind of expecting Maggie to go ballistic on Rick, but no… she agrees with him. What? Has team prison come to this? Tossing away friends so easily; no questions asked? Maggie is worried about the perimeters of the prison. There are just too many walkers pressing against the fence; it won’t last for long. But things inside the prison are no better.


Dr. S is out of commission and close to death, but he gives Hershel a great piece of advice, “Lock the cell doors.” Sasha and Glenn try to help, but neither is able to stand on their feet let alone help Hershel with the sick. Things go from bad to worse and the sick are now dying; quickly. Hershel is such a good guy; he sneaks the dead bodies into another room to bash out their brains. Why upset the soon to be dead, right? But the sick are dying faster than Hershel, Glenn or Sasha can handle them. And just when you think it can’t get worse; the dog doo hits the fan.

Carl wants to help his father with the fence, but Rick turns him down, tosses a bag of food to Carl and then tells him to have everyone brush their teeth. Really Rick, I don’t think tooth decay is your biggest concern right now, and Carl has proven himself enough times for you to trust him.

episode 5 internment


Maggie and Rick are racing against time and trying to reinforce the outer fence when they hear gunshots. All hell has broken loose and Hershel is singlehandedly fighting off zombies and healing the sick. He’s like an apocalyptic Superman. Nothing stops him. But, things are bad; Sasha’s down and so is Glenn. Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) keeps a walker from munching on Glenn; she treats the walker like a dog. After Maggie breaks into the quarantine section, she and Hershel do what they can to keep Glenn alive. This show was about Hershel and his need to save those around him. He was willing to do anything to save the sick. He still has hope.



The fence is falling down. Zombies are running amok. What does Rick do? He finally asks Carl for help. Carl has the hat! He’s the dude! He stands with his father and starts shooting. Carl is no longer a child, he is a soldier; Rambo. Together they hold back the walkers. I think Rick is recognizing that Carl has moved into a position of power and it’s about time. Carl has put his childhood to rest and dad has to let him. Daryl and the rescue team come back with the much needed supplies. Daryl doesn’t know about Carol and Rick’s not in a hurry to tell him. I don’t think Daryl will take the news as lightly as Maggie. Do you?

Conclusion and Big Fat Spoiler Alert

Things are not good for Team prison. The fence is down and a lot of people have died. Will the medicine that Daryl and the others brought back with them even save the sick? Is it too late for Sasha and Glenn? There are some things that can’t be fixed; like little Lizzie. She grew up during the zombie apocalypse. What is her mental state? Is this why she calls the walkers by name, why she dips her shoe into Glenn’s blood, why she’s just a little bit weird? You can kiss any chance of a normal childhood goodbye during the apocalypse. As Hershel searches The Bible for answers, Rick and Carl sample the veggies on the farm and in the distance… someone watches. Hell has arrived. It’s the Governor.

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  1. After a rather boring first four episodes, things certainly did pick up this time, and it featured one of the more horrific visuals of the whole series in my opinion – the walker with the breathing tube… brrrr…

    1. I’m surprised that you thought the first four episodes boring, if anything, it was setting the pace for the real action to happen. I can’t wait to see what the Governor’s up to

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