Thor: The Dark World Looks To Reign – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions

Only one major movie release this weekend, and its guaranteed to hit the top of the box office. How much will it make? Here’s our prediction:

Thor_-_The_Dark_World_posterThor: The Dark World is follows the mega-successful Avengers and the first Thor film, which did decent box office for itself when it was released back in 2011. The second film should see its returns increase significantly, especially because everyone and their mother seems to seriously be in love with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Look for Thor: The Dark World to just miss hitting $100 million this week, with a $95 million opening.

Find out how the rest of the weekend will turn out after the jump!
As for the rest of the top five, Ender’s Game will drop to second with $13 million. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa will be right behind it with $12.5 million. Last Vegas will be in fourth with $9 million, while Free Birds should close things out in fifth with $8 million.

So, to recap, here are our predictions:

1) Thor: The Dark World – $95 million
2) Ender’s Game – $13 million
3) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – $12.5 million
4) Last Vegas – $9 million
5) Free Birds – $8 million

Be sure to check back on Sunday to see how the weekend turns out!

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