American Horror Story: Coven S03 E05: Burn, Witch. Burn!


Holy flying monkeys at a tea party! Last week’s episode had us reeling with revelations, flashbacks and much more. The Council of Witches is in town with Myrtle (Frances Conroy butting heads with Fiona. Spalding has strange hobbies and stranger playmates. Hank is a scary man and a cheat. Madison was not the runner-up for Supreme witch, but who is? Voodoo goddess Marie Laveau has received an unexpected package. What can I say? Some gifts are never meant to be opened. The war is on with Cordelia being at the right place at the wrong time. I ask this every week; what next? Grab your broom sticks and meet me after the jump.


Trick or Freaking Treat

Delphine opens the door to hand out candy to the little tykes knocking on the door, but what she finds is something right out of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, thanks to a little Voodoo Hocus Pocus by the very pissed off Marie Laveau. At the door are Delphine’s three daughters, fresh from the grave and what’s worse, the yard is full of zombies. It seems from a flashback that Delphine would never be voted ‘Mother of the Year’ by her three girls. Everyone’s in a tither and running scared, but Zoe tells them to hide and locks the zombies outside. While Nan rescues Luke from the zombies (did I tell you how much I like Nan?) Spalding, Delphine and Queenie are attacked by one of Delphine’s daughters. But, Zoe comes to the rescue with a chain saw and… something else.


Fiona’s at the hospital and the doctor’s news isn’t good. The acid that was thrown in Cordelia’s face has not only messed up her looks, but her eyes; she’s blind. Fiona’s upset and searches for her daughter’s room only to enter the room of a young mother who just delivered a baby girl; stillborn. In a strange act of kindness, at least for Fiona, she brings the child back to life. Later, Fiona threatens Hank when he visits his wife. Fiona suspects that Hank is the loser that we all know he is. This is the first time that we see any motherly concern, on Fiona’s part, for her daughter. But, it might be too late to mend fences.



While Spalding, Luke and Queenie heal from the zombie attack, Nan and Zoe help burn the bodies of the zombies. Fiona and Delphine commiserate on their lousy parental skills and the Witches Council drops by to take have a trial.

The Council accuses Fiona of being an unfit Supreme, but she counters with an accusation of her own. Myrtle was behind the attack on Cordelia and Madison. Trumping up some false evidence, Fiona turns the table on Myrtle. To the song “Right Place, Wrong Time” by Dr. John, Myrtle is escorted to the stake by the albino men in black.


Conclusion, Spoiler Alert and Good News

Zoe has powers. Is she the next Supreme? Queenie has a conscience. Was she responsible for Myrtle’s death? Spalding has a can of air freshener. Will it rid the play room of Madison’s odor? And, Stevie Nicks, oops I mean Misty finds the crispy critter that used to be Myrtle. Will Myrtle make a comeback?

On a brighter note, my favorite character Frankenkyle (Evan Peters) is moving on up in the world. He’ll be starring in X-Men Days of Future Past as Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver. I’m so excited for this talented young man.

See you next week, my ‘little pretties,’ and don’t forget your brooms!


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