The Walking Dead S04 E04: Indifference


Twitter was ablaze after Marilyn Manson joined the panel on “The Talking Dead.” Why?  Marilyn Manson is a controversial performer, what did you expect, Richard Dawkins? But, don’t write Marilyn off too quickly because he did hit on some interesting facts on last week’s episode: There is a study relating ear size to criminology; Carol did take Lizzie and her sister under her ‘maternal’ wings; Rick’s hat does symbolize law, authority, and leadership. When he passed his hat to Carl; he passed on the power. Besides, what better way for “The Talking Dead” show to improve ratings than to invite Marilyn Manson as a guest? Enough said, back to the show! Carol aka Don Corleone has a sure fire way to stop the plague; Rick has anger issues; Tyreese found his mojo; Team Prison’s road trip hit a few bumps in the road. Now what? Find out after the jump.


While Rick considers the clues and how things went down with Karen and David, Carol is saying goodbye to Lizzie. Carol and Rick are going on a road trip of their own. Lizzie calls Carol mom. Carol’s reply, “Don’t call me Mom, and keep your knife handy.” Ah yes, those little mother and daughter talks on surviving the apocalypse.

What about Team Prison’s very own Lewis and Clark Expedition? Well, they find a car and they find a repair shop, but they also find lots of walkers. Wait! Is Michonne openly flirting with our apocalyptic stud bunny, Daryl? Oh, yes, she is!


When Daryl and the group are attacked by bush walkers, Tyreese doesn’t put his heart into fighting them off, and he and Michonne argue. She tells him to snap out of his funk. He tells her to stop hunting for the Governor; touché. When they run into the next gaggle of walkers, Tyreese proves once and for all that he has his mojo right where he needs it. After giving the old Junker a tune up, Daryl and the gang head for the Veterinary hospital and the much needed medications.

Carol & Rick s4 e4


Carol and Rick head to a nearby town searching for supplies only to find walkers, and hippies bearing fruit; one with a dislocated shoulder and one with a limp. After Carol fixes the kid’s shoulder she talks Rick into letting the hippies join the team. All this time, Rick has not mentioned anything about Carol murdering Karen and David, but while they’re looking for supplies, Carol forces Rick to talk. It’s about time. They’re not on the same page with the hippies or with her actions at the prison. In defense of her actions, Carol even compares Rick’s killing of Shane to what she did. She tells Rick that she did what needed to be done; accept it. Does he?


Bob is a survivor, but to do so he needs his drink. It causes a rift between him and Daryl when he packs his backpack with whiskey instead of the needed medications. I don’t trust Bob. Weary and not sure if they’re loved ones are still alive, Daryl and the gang head home.

Conclusion and a Major Spoiler Alert!

The hippies never make it back. Bob messed up big time with the group. Daryl knows how to fix everything; he’s the man! Michonne gave up her search for the Governor, maybe. Tyreese will survive; I don’t care what everyone else thinks. And, Rick makes his decision; one I wasn’t expecting. Carol has evolved: she went from cowering abused wife to the Enforcer and… leader.

Carol episode 3 season 4

She did what needed doing and what the others couldn’t do. That makes her dangerous, at least in Rick’s eyes. Rick is afraid for Carol; Tyreese will kill her when he finds out that Carol torched Karen. But… he’s also afraid of her; doesn’t want her near his kids. He banishes her from the group. Question, why is it alright for Carl to murder someone and not Carol? Carol was protecting the group. That’s how I’m calling it.  I’m heartbroken that Carol is no longer with the group, but she will survive. She has evolved; she can and will kill to survive. Did Rick do the right thing? Are you Team Rick or Team Carol? Let me know.

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  1. Regarding Carol, I think Chris Jericho nailed it perfectly on “Talking Dead” – Carol is the Walter White of “The Walking Dead.”

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