31 Days of Horror 2013: The Saturday At The Movies Edition – The Conjuring


I’ve been seeing spirits since I was a kid. Lucky me! Until recently, I’ve only encountered the friendly type. But, there is a second type of spirit. These malicious entities are capable of hurting you. I’ve already posted about one spirit in particular, the angry ghost, who may have caused the death of a child. I’m still doing the research on this and will get back to you when I have the answers. The Conjuring, a supernatural horror film, is a story about a family under attack by a demon, and the paranormal team that helps them. How do you fight a demon? Find out after the jump.



I’m pretty sure that anyone, who has ever dabbled in ghost hunting, has heard of Ed and Lorraine Warren and their paranormal investigations, which inspired a book and movie, the Amityville Horror. The Conjuring, directed by James Wan and starring Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren, and Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren takes us to an earlier case. The Warrens are called in when Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and Roger Perron (Ron Livingston) and their five daughters are harassed and threatened by a malevolent spirit after moving into a farmhouse in Harrisville, Road Island.

There are several hints that something is very wrong with the Perron house: the smell of rotting flesh or sulfur; the dog refuses to enter the home; the youngest child, April (Kyla Deaver) begins to communicate with a ghost named Rory (Nate Seman) after finding an old toy; the clocks stop at a specific time each day and Carolyn Perron is waking up with mysterious bruises. Things go from bad to worse as the mother and children are continuously attacked even while playing a game of hide and seek. The entity’s attack against the mother is an attempt to possess her. It isn’t until the entity locks Carolyn in the basement and goes after one of the girls that help is sought out.


Sidenote: Dogs and children are usually the first ones to spot a ghost. This happened with my grandson, who was a toddler, when my daughter’s family moved into a new home. The house had to be blessed before the spirit would leave. Ghosts can attach themselves to objects, sometimes going to extremes to keep that object close; just like the angry ghost at the library.

The Warrens

Ed Warren, a World War II Navy Veteran and former police officer, was also a self-taught demonologist, author and lecturer. Lorraine Warren was a clairvoyant and light trance medium. The Warrens had started the New England Society for Psychic Research and the Warrens Occult Museum where they keep their haunted objects, including the Annabelle doll. The Warrens decided to take on the Perron case after speaking with the family and visiting the house. Research done on the property revealed that the Perron’s home was part of a 200 acre farm that had once belonged to Bathsheba Sherman. The land was later divided into smaller properties and sold. Seems Bathsheba played by Joseph Bishara was a witch and a devil worshiper who cursed the land before hanging herself when she had failed to sacrifice her infant child to the devil. The land was later divided up into smaller properties and sold. We learn that Carolyn wasn’t the first mother to be possessed by Bathsheba, and the Perrons weren’t the only family to be haunted while living on Bathsheba’s lands. This is one revengeful spirit!


The Warrens come to the conclusion that the whole house needs an exorcism, but to enlist the Roman Catholic Church’s help; they need to prove that the events are not caused by natural occurrences. The Vatican will send an exorcist if the Warrens give them a demon.

The Demon

Human spirits (people who lived and died) have free will and can do what they want. But, they can only do what is humanly possible, for example: open doors; make noise, or show themselves. An expert can cleanse the house of pesky spirits by smudging the home or adding religious icons in each room. This will set boundaries for the spirits. They will either behave or leave. If the human spirit is particularly nasty, a priest will sometimes be called in to bless the house.


Demons, although they don’t have free will, have to follow certain rules. Mind you, I’ve yet to see this “rule book” that they follow, but this is what I’ve been told by experts. Bathsheba was once human, but she also worshiped Satan, and therefore, is a double threat; a demon. Prevented from sacrificing her own child, she targeted other mothers to kill their children. Ed and Lorraine were risking their very lives when they decided to take the case and then challenge this destructive entity. The Warrens successfully won the battle against Bathsheba in the movie, but in real life; it was a long drawn out battle that, most likely, left a few battle scars on their souls.



I enjoyed the movie. It had enough “jump out of your seat moments” to make it a worthwhile trip to the theatre with my ghost hunting friends. Kudos to all the actors, especially Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, and the five young girls: Shanley Caswell, Hayley McFarland, Joey King, Mackenzie Foy and Kyla Deaver.

But, the movie did not show the most important part of any ghost hunting investigations. There are preparations an investigator must do before entering a haunted home. An expert will first ground themselves by saying protective prayers and using religious icons, including: crucifixes, holy water, rosary beads, crystals and sea salt. Ghost investigations are not to be taken lightly, especially when what appears to be a run of the mill haunting turns into a battle with the hounds of hell. My advice; tread lightly, or not at all.

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