Bates Motel, Episode 5: Ocean View

bates-motel-season-1-episode-5-ocean-view-7-624x416On our last episode, “Trust Me” things went from bad to worse for Norma Louise. Norman and Bradley are now dating (under the covers) and Mama ain’t happy. By the end of the show, Norma Louise was wearing new jewelry, compliments of the White Pine Bay Police department. Want to know more? Then you’ll have to meet me after the jump.


Yes, Norma was arrested and is sitting in jail for the murder of Keith. Norman, who was at Bradley’s house all night, is unaware of what happened until he comes home and big brother Dylan fills him in on the big news. They both go to visit Norma and offer to post bail, using the motel, but Norma is in a Witchy mood and chases them away.


While Norman is searching for the deed to the motel, Emma stops by to offer her support.  She heard about Norma’s arrest; small towns = big gossips. She drives Norman to the bail bondsman and while they wait for the man to return, Norman tells Emma about the girl held prisoner. When Emma suggests they tell the cops, Norman tells her, the cops are involved, but promises to look for the girl after he frees his mother.

Drama Queen

After paying the bail, Norman is belittled  by mother dearest for sleeping with a girl and telling Dylan her secrets. This scene perfectly reveals the methods used by an emotional abuser. When Norman confesses that Norma frightens him, she kicks him out of the car along a deserted road. Luckily Dylan drives up on the motorcycle and takes Norman home. When Norman tells Dylan why mother threw him out of the car, Dylan says, “Norma lives for drama, she’s addicted to it.”

Norma gets bad news from her lawyer. The prosecutor has DNA evidence, Norma storms out of the office, but later that night meets with the deputy, Zack. They fight, make-up, kiss and he promises to help her; birds of a feather. Zack steals the evidence and the case is dropped. Norma is happy; Zack, Norman isn’t.


Big brother wants his own place and he wants to take Norman away from crazy lady. He borrows money from his co-worker and friend. Moments later, David (co-worker) is shot by this slacker dude. Dylan rushes him to the hospital, but leaves when the doctor approaches him. Later that night, Dylan sees the shooter and goes after him.


Bradley is not returning Norman’s calls or texts. He’s not happy, but Emma shows up and takes him for a ride. She has done a bit of investigation (I like this kid. She’s smart and we should have hired her to find Osama bin laden) She figured out where the missing girl might be hidden. Emma and Norman go searching Keith’s boat. They find the girl (Jiao) locked in a closet and bring her back to the motel.


Norma finds Norman and the two girls in one of the motel rooms. Will she help the girl or give her back to Zack. I can’t wait to find out.

Human trafficking is a horrific crime and more widespread in the states, than many people are aware of, and I’m glad that the creators of Bates Motel are featuring this crime in their story line.

You can find out more about Jiao by downloading her story

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