Biff Bam Pop Exclusive: The Rob Zombie Interview Part 2

Yesterday we had part one of our two part exclusive interview with the one and only Rob Zombie, the brilliant director behind The Lords Of Salem, opening this Friday. You can check that out here. Today, we finish of our discussion with a look at Rob and music – using it in film and making it himself (Rob’s new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is out April 23rd). Check out the song that is used to haunting degree in Lords of Salem and then read away!

Andy Burns: I’m a huge Velvet Underground fan so I completely appreciated All Tomorrow’s Parties and Venus In Furs being in the film. When did you know the Velvet’s were going to play a part in your film? Was it in the scriptwriting process?

Rob Zombie: It was very early on that I arrived at that. I knew there would be music in the movie because of the radio station backdrop, and I always like being able to find one song that represents the movie. That when you hear that song you go, that’s it. Free Bird is Rejects, Nights In White Satin is Halloween 2. And for this one it would be All Tomorrow’s Parties. When I hear this song, it sounds like how the movie feels to me. And I don’t know why. It’s just, if the movie became a song, this is the song. And then when you put it together with pictures, other people can feel that too.

RobZombieVRRVCoverArtAndy Burns: I want to ask you one question about your new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor. There’s lots of keyboard on it, which I love. The first single is Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown, and radio plays a huge part in Lords of Salem, so I’m wondering what your take is on the state of radio today?

Rob Zombie: Radio’s a funny thing, because no matter how many ways you can get music, radio is still the most powerful one to get to people. Just like, no matter how many people have Netflicks or AppleTV or whatever, it’s still just regular television that gets to people still. That may change on day, but radio is still very powerful. What sort of inspired the song is that, it’s nice having your iPod in the car, but I like having the radio because it’s happening right now. Like, if I’m listening to the song, then other people are listening to it. I could never put it into words, and then I remember reading an interview with Tim Burton and he said, “the reason I like watching movies on television…if a movie comes on television…it’s because I know a whole bunch of other people are sitting at home also watching, I don’t know, Battle For The Planet Of the Apes.” Whereas I can put the DVD in at any time and watch it, but it’s the same thing. If there’s a Planet Of The Apes marathon on AMC, I sit there and watch them all. I have them all, but there’s something about that. Knowning it’s out there and everyone’s in on it. That’s why I still like radio. I like hearing the commercials. I like hearing the DJ’s. I guess it reminds me of being a kid.

Andy Burns: I know I have to let you go, so thank you for your time. And thanks for supporting Biff Bam Pop. Congrats on Lords of Salem, it really blew me away. Thanks for doing great work.

Rob Zombie: Well thanks, thanks for supporting the movie. It’s a weird one so it’s nice to know that somebody gets it.

A huge thanks to Rob Zombie for talking to Biff Bam Pop and for his continuing support of our site. As well, thanks to Nina Baron, Todd Nakamine, Sonya Cheuse and Matthew Ballast. The Lords of Salem is theatres this Friday. You can purchase the ridiculously scary novel written by Rob Zombie and BK Evenson and published by Grand Central Publishing here. Rob Zombie’s new album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor is out this Tuesday from Universal Music. Order it here

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