Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde Deliver In Deadfall

I always love it when a film sneaks up on you. I think I’ve said that before and it remains the case with a small movie called Deadfall. You likely havent heard of it, as it had a minimal release before making it’s way onto Blu-Ray/DVD a few weeks back. However, with a solid cast and an intriguing story that kept the Queen and I guessing all the way through it, Deadfall is a film that definitely deserves a wider audience.

Check out the trailer and then find out why after the jump!

imageWritten by Zach Dean and directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky, Deadfall is the story of a crime gone wrong. Eric Bana stars as Addison and Olivia Wilde is his sister Liza, on the run in a blizzard after their casino heist. The duo’s partner is killed and they then split up. On their own, Addison shows us his killer instinct, while Liza meets up with Jay (Charlie Hunnan), another character running from the law and on his way to meet up with parents (Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spaceck). Also part of the action is a police officer (Kate Mara) who is aspiring to more than small town law enforcement.

Deadfall takes place during and after a snowstorm in an unnamed American town, and you can really feel the winter during the film. Snowmobiles, massive falling snow – the weather almost becomes a character itself. It makes for a tense film, as the various characters all have to navigate through snowcovered roads and forests.

As for the performances in Deadfall, there’s not a bad one in the bunch. Eric Bana makes for a compelling and unpredictable villain (no surprise for all of the Star Trek fans out there), and his relationship with his sister is alternately sweet and creepy. Olivia Wilde gives a very strong performance, demonstrating a depth I haven’t seen much of from her. And then there’s the great Kate Mara, who I know from American Horror Story: Murder House, and who does more great work in Deadfall. She’s absolutely one to watch – expect more amazing things from her.

Deadfall moves quickly – it’s only 95 minutes long, which works in its favour. Small, smart and fast paced, Deadfall is recommended for crime fans.

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