Bates Motel, Episode 4: Trust Me

Bates-Motel-cast-550x329On Episode 3, we learned that there are a lot of strange things going on at White Pine Bay. Last week, we got to see where big brother Dylan works. It’s not your typical 9 to 5 job and if you mess up, you’re not fired, you’re dead. Norman stresses out and lands in the hospital after Emma threatens to go to the police about the little black book. Norma Louise gets the new carpets that she ordered and a surprise visit from the Sheriff and his posse. When Norman tells Mom that he kept Keith’s belt as a keepsake and it’s now missing, she pays the Deputy a visit. The Deputy has the belt and will keep his mouth shut as long as Norma Louise plays nice. Norma has her own game plan, and she sends Norman to retrieve the belt from the Deputy’s house, but Norman finds more than the belt in that house. What did he find? Find out after the jump.


bates-motel-trust-me1Norman has found a girl locked up in the basement of the Deputy’s house. Is she one of the victims of human trafficking mentioned in the black book? Norman suspects that she is, tries to save her and fails. Norman doesn’t know that he was followed, but it was a good thing that he was. Dylan, who followed his little brother to the Deputy’s house, attempts to distract the Deputy in order for Norman to escape.


Norma and Zach (she and the Deputy are on first name basis now) are getting nice and cozy in one of her motel rooms, which is good because I don’t see anyone else renting a room. Later, Dylan tells Norma Louise that he doesn’t trust the Deputy; she ignores him. When Norman tells Norma about the girl in the basement, she doesn’t believe him, but later that night after Zach is asleep, Norma sneaks into the basement to find the girl, but the room is empty. Is she dead?


Norman stops over Emma’s house to walk her to school, but her father tells Norman that she’s very sick. The father knows that Norman likes Emma. Later in the day, while Norman is washing the motel windows, he sees Bradley placing flowers at the section of the road where her father crashed the car. Norman tries to console Bradley over her father’s death. Even though he’s a bit strange all the girls like Norman.


Norman fights with his mother over her dating Zach. Norma tells her son that there was no girl in the basement and that Norman is making the whole thing up and then she forces him to go fishing with Zach. The Deputy is asking lots of questions about Norman’s father, and then tells Norman that he intends to be part of his life; lucky Norman. The Deputy gets a phone call and has to leave. Norman meets Bradley at the diner and while drinking their milkshakes, Bradley tells Norman that the Sheriff found a severed hand and they think it belongs to Keith. Norman runs home to warn his mother, but it’s too late. The Deputy is there for Norma and it’s not to play nice in one of her rooms, nope, she has to talk to the Sheriff.

Where Are the Rugs?

The Sheriff tells Norma that they found carpet fiber on Keith’s watch; yes the Sheriff recognized the watch belonging to his friend. He tells Norma the fibers look the same color as the rugs she was ripping up the night that Keith went missing. Norma denies knowing anything, but when she’s ready to leave, the Sheriff wants to know where she dumped the rugs. She panics, and her takes Norman to go looking for the rugs. They’re not where they were dumped, but in a locked landfill. They can’t get in and Norma freaks out, big time.

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While Norma is crying in her bedroom, Norman goes outside and tells Dylan everything, the rape, murder, disposing of the body and rugs, the belt and the girl locked in the basement. Dylan wants to protect Norman and warns him that mother dearest is a little batty. Norman gets a text from Bradley. She wants him to sneak into her house; everyone’s sleeping. Dylan tells Norman to go. Norman takes big brother’s advice and he and Bradley have a lovely time under the covers. It’s late at night and Norma can’t find her youngest son. Dylan tells her that Norman is with Bradley and they fight, but they’re interrupted by a knock on the door. Let me guess, who would be coming this late at night? You guessed right. It’s the Sheriff and a few Deputies including lover boy Zach, and Norma doesn’t have a get out of jail card.


This show has enough storylines going to keep you glued to the set. And this particular episode really shows Norma Louise for the calculating and conniving monster that she is.

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