Orphan Black, Episode 2: Instinct

OrphanBlackE2-thumb-630xauto-37729I’m still getting the feel of this new show on BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday line-up. It moves fast and there’s lots going on, so hang on to your hats as I walk you through. Last week’s episode, “Natural Selection,” left Sarah/Beth with a briefcase full of money, Felix and Vic having a funeral for her and a German look-a-like in the back seat of her car. What adventure does Sarah/Beth get into this week? Find out after the jump.

Wakes and Burials

Sarah/Beth answers the pink phone. Is this phone connected to the “Twilight Zone?” When the unknown caller learns that the German girl is dead, she tells Sarah/Beth, “Get rid of the body.” After digging a grave in a deserted area, Sarah/Beth finds the girl’s wallet and identity and a hotel key. She buries the girl, abandons the car and then heads over to Felix’s place.


Felix is having a wake party with Vic and a few friends in honor of Sarah. Vic is taking Sarah’s death really hard and wants to do something for Kira (Sarah’s abandoned daughter). Felix and Vic fight, Vic leaves just as Sarah/Beth is coming up the steps. Luckily, he doesn’t see her. Sarah is upset about her daughter being at the funeral and convinces Felix to tell Mrs. S. and Kira the truth. She wants to take the briefcase full of money and run away with Felix and Kira. But when Sarah/Beth opens the briefcase, the money is gone. After Sarah/Beth leaves, Felix visits Mrs. S. and tells her the truth about Sarah; she’s alive. Mrs. S. will not give Kira back to Sarah until she is sure that the child will be cared for properly, very smart lady. Worried that she has lost the money for good, Sarah/ Beth has a fight with Paul (Beth’s boyfriend). He needs a break from her sudden weirdness (bad attitude and bad clothing choices), and leaves.


Art tells Sarah/Beth that he has her money and she’s not getting it back until she testifies at the hearing. The hearing centers on a wrongful death which occurred while Beth was following what she thought was a known criminal, but with all the prescription drugs messing up her mind, the woman that Beth killed had no criminal record and more importantly no gun. She preps for the hearing, does well, but the psychiatrist won’t okay Sarah/Beth’s return to duty.

Orphan_Black_S01E02More look-a-likes

Sarah/Beth receives another phone call on the pink phone and is told by the mysterious caller to go to the dead German woman’s hotel room to fetch a briefcase. The hotel room is trashed, and a Barbie doll is tortured? Don’t ask; I have no idea, but Sarah/Beth gets the briefcase after paying off the damage to the room. When Sarah/Beth looks inside the briefcase, she finds a woman’s name and address, pictures of Sarah look-a-likes from several countries and vials of blood.

OB102_PreviewCarSarah Beth goes to the address she found in the briefcase and follows the car leaving the home. The driver of the car stops at a soccer field and when a third look-a-like and her two children leave the car, Sarah/Beth is surprised. Is this another relative, another twin? She confronts Alison, but Alison is hostile. Later that day, Alison calls Sarah/Beth and arranges a meeting. Sarah takes Felix as back-up, but leaves him in the car as she goes into the house.


Sarah/Beth is introduced to yet another look-a-like. She’s told that they’re not related, but there is a connection. The show has potential, and I enjoy watching it, in spite of the fact that Sarah can slip so easily into another person’s life without the lover or co-workers realizing that something isn’t quite right. But, hopefully, Sarah/Beth and the viewers will learn more from look-a-like number four, Cosima.

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