“The Walking Dead” Recap – Season 3, Episode 14: Prey

prey1Last week’s episode 13 had Team Prison and Team Woodbury doing their version of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. While Rick called for a truce where each team would play nice, the Governor’s plan was to squash Rick and his team like little bugs. When Andrea tried to play diplomat she was kicked out of the peace talks by both men.

Watching the meeting between Rick and the Governor was like watching a spider inch up to its intended meal, but the Governor better be careful because Rick has a stinger and she’s called Michonne. The meeting ended with the Governor’s declaration of war, “Give me Michonne or die.” What is that crazy Governor planning to do with our Michonne? Find out right after the jump.


We get to see a little bit of what makes Michonne so special, and maybe what horrors existed for her before the apocalypse. While traveling together, Andrea asks Michonne about her pet zombies. Michonne’s reply, “They deserved what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.”

Trouble in Woodbury

Keep up with me on this recap, my little zombie snacks, because a lot happens. The Governor is a busy bee and putting together a torture chamber for Michonne. He is actually whistling, excited over the chance to torture her with some rather nasty instruments, unaware that he’s being watched by a shocked Andrea and Milton. Andrea sees the Governor for the psycho job that he is and is about to take action, but Milton stops her. After Milton and Andrea see Martinez and his ruffians preparing for battle, Milton tries to talk the Governor out of killing Team Prison, but the Governor is out for revenge. Milton finally tells Andrea what the Governor’s plans are for everyone at the prison.

prey2Andrea Escapes

She has to warn her friends and tries to sneak out of town, but all her weapons, except for a knife are taken from her by Martinez. Andrea tries another way out of town and comes upon Tyrese and Sasha doing some target shooting. She tells them that she has to get out of town and that they should do the same thing. They allow her to leave, but when the Governor finds out, he goes hunting for her.


Tyrese (Chad Coleman) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) are thinking about leaving the town, but Allen (Daniel Thomas May) and Ben (Tyler Chase) want to stay. Martinez takes several men along with Tyrese and his group to help round up the zombies that are kept in a pit. When Tyrese realizes that the zombies will be used against the people at the prison, he’s upset, wants to leave, Allen doesn’t, and they fight. Later that night someone sets fire to the zombies in the pit.


Andrea is literally running for her life. Armed only with a knife, she has to doge zombies and the Governor who is hot on her trail. She finds her way to an abandoned building filled with walkers and hides. The Governor who is armed with a shovel goes searching for her, all the while whistling that eerie tune… his killer tune, while playing a cat and mouse game with Andrea. When Andrea tries to escape via a fire tower, she finds herself trapped, zombies to the right, Governor to the left. But, Andrea is smart and finds a way to introduce the zombies to the Governor, up close and personal while she takes off.

The Governor and a Big Spoiler Alert

If you haven’t seen last night’s show, stop reading now.

prey3Andrea, thinking that the Governor is a zombie snack, reaches the outskirt of the prison. Just as she is about to call out to Rick for help, she is grabbed. Who is it? Guess who, and he’s pissed. When the Governor returns to Woodbury, Milton asks about Andrea. The Governor tells him that he doesn’t know where she is, but I don’t think Milton believes him. When Martinez informs the Governor that their attack zombies are too crispy to use, the Governor questions Tyrese and his team. But we know who did it, right? And, unfortunately, we also know where Andrea is and she’s not whistling.


Andrea never had the chance to warn her friends, Tyrese and his team remain at Woodbury even though they see what’s going down, Milton might be in the dog house and our Governor is one hell of a creepy guy. I can’t wait until next week. Can you?

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  1. I haven’t watched this episode yet, so I briefly skimmed the post. Thanks for the spoiler alert! I just wanted to give my two cents of what I’m feeling about the season so far. You’re absolutely right about there being a Team Prison and Team Woodbury. It’s the perfect description for what’s happening now. I’d wished there were more zombies though. I’m finding the enemy is not the undead but themselves (at least in this season). And is it just me or are the actors getting cleaner as the show progresses? The Governor’s especially looking dapper these days. Uh, time to get them sweaty and time to get their hair greasy and matted. Nonetheless, it’s great to see the tension coming to a head. I’m looking forward to how this whole thing resolves!

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