Saturday At The Movies Bonus – A Revelation: Silent Hill:Revelation Sucks

Here’s a little insight into my brain. I don’t like writing negative reviews. There are ways to be clever about doing them, of course, where you can spill massive amounts of vitriol at a band or a film or a book. There’s even some art to it. But often it feels like a waste of time to put effort into something that is based on negativity.

But sometimes I can’t help myself.

Twenty-seven minutes of my life. That’ what I lost trying to watch Silent Hill: Revelation.

You’ll only have to lose two watching the trailer. It’s pretty decent. Check it out and the read what little I can say about this film after the jump.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D PosterI didn’t see the first Silent Hill film, and I’m not an expert on the games, though there was one day thirteen or fourteen years ago where my younger sister and I tried to play the first Playstation game in broad daylight and had to turn it off. We were that scared.

However, I put Silent Hill:Revelation in the Blu-ray player thinking I’d be able to figure any lingering details from the previous film pretty quickly. Perhaps I could have, if I didn’t have to turn the film off after just twenty-seven freaking minutes.

The film is not a bad-looking one – there’s some great creepy crawly visuals and monsters right off the top. However, when you’re dealing with an absolutely horrible script, with lines like “it’s ok, kiddo” or “do you think there’s a difference between dreams and reality” (or something like that), it is hard to think of any positives. The acting, from what I saw, was atrocious – especially from leads Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harrington; then again, as my Dad likes to say, you can’t polish a turd, which is clearly what the script for Silent Hill: Revelation is.

Believe me, I didn’t go into this wanting to write anything negative. I was looking forward to the film. But if I had to turn it off after twenty-seven minutes, you know it’s not good. Not good at all.

Stay away from Silent Hill: Revelation. But if you, for some masochistic reason, choose to venture there, and you make it longer than me, please shoot us a line or drop a comment and let us know what you thought of it.

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  1. What do you mean, this was the greatest movie ever? OK, so I never saw it. I think it is OK to write a bad review about something. You don’t have to be vicious or cruel, (you were not)like some reviewers, but it does help people from wasting their time. Now that you know its so bad, you should watch it with a few friends and riff on it the whole time. That is a great way to turn a bad movie into a positive experience.

  2. you said you didn’t see the first movie and you don’t really know much about the games? There’s the problem right there. It’s not your fault you didn’t like the movie. It is aimed at fans of those two things.

    1. I don’t think bad dialogue is an excuse. And that’s what the real problem was – bad dialogue leading to bad acting.

  3. Yes, it’s a pretty bad movie indeed. I’m a fans of Silent Hills video games and the movie did not bring the right “Silent Hill experience” atmospher to the audiences. Plus the bad acting of the actors made it worst.

    However, I’m still going to buy the DVD for the “collector’s sake” and let’s admit it, Clemens was hot in this movie (so I’m a guy, so sue me).

  4. I am a HUGE fan of the first 3 games. The first Silent Hill film was bearable. I was hoping the sequel would be good and I expected the film to adhere to the storyline of Silent Hill 3, but it was COMPLETELY different. I should have known better. Sequels are almost always worse. Revelation made no sense, the dialogue was a joke, and the acting was awful.

    I think Silent Hill 2 would make an excellent film, however. The main plot is already there. The character has plenty of depth and there are plenty of supporting characters throughout the game that can make for a pretty good movie.

  5. I watched the movie (Revelation) today right after watching Silent Hill again and I regret it so much. I don’t know if any of the symbols, cult, or anything were from the games (haven’t played them) but just from the first movie (which is amazing) I can tell the people who made this movie took out bits and pieces of it and put it in a bowl, sprinkled it with bad CGI or whatever they used, added a lot of horrible dialogue, stirred it with lets not follow almost anything that happened in the last movie besides for the VERY ending, added a dash of new random people in Silent Hill, and baked it at a toasty temperature of lets burn all your hopes and dreams for a good sequel. And that is how you get this soul crushing movie.

  6. Speaking as someone who’s played the second game all the way through and pieces of the other games, as well as seen the first Silent Hill movie, I thought Revelation seriously sucked (watching it was torture, but I felt the need to sit it out and see if it got better.) The acting really was awful, and a lot of things didn’t make sense, like the symbolism. The psychology behind the monsters is incredibly relevant in the game. Pyramid Head and the dead nurses were in the first movie (which makes sense, because Pyramid Head symbolizes punishment and guilt, and the nurses, other than being semi-consistent through the game, were also figures of the hospital Alessa was kept in.) But what was the point of the woman with the weird saws in her eyes and tight outfit? Her appearance seems to symbolize either sexual desire or blindness. Or the mannequin monster? Was it supposed to symbolize Heather’s fear of becoming a monster herself, or was it just some useless CGI?
    Frankly, the use of CGI for the monsters in Revelation was just unnecessary. The Behind-the-Scenes in the first movie showed incredible thought for the game and making the movie true to what made Silent Hill Silent Hill, as well as amazing costume design for the Lying Figures, Pyramid head, the Janitor (symbolic of rape), and the nurses, as well as of course the freaking BUGS and the Grey Child/ash children (I can’t say for sure what they symbolize but I’d suppose they might symbolize the children that hurt her who died in the fire). Except for the bugs, all of these were at least partially real costumes on real actors. Speaking of unnecessary, why did the nurses in the Revelation have to moan whenever they moved?
    The new monsters just didn’t feel right. Silent Hill is known for having for the most part, monsters that look like deformed humans. They’re supposed to look very human, but with a grey, horrible skin, odd lumps, bony bodies, distorted or exaggerated features, or very unclear faces that make them very otherworldly. Gans made himself clear that he wanted the monsters in the first film to be disturbing, not disgusting. The monsters in Revelation were, quite frankly, neither. They were silly to the extent that it was almost embarrassing to watch.
    The first movie deserved the title of Silent Hill with Gans’s careful consideration to stay true to the games and to make a movie for the players. Revelation simply didn’t deliver at all.

  7. I’m a Silent Hill fan. I’ve played the first five games, and watched the first movie and I really liked it.

    I made it half way through the movie so far, I plan to see it to the end despite it making my head hurt. And honestly, it’s terrible. The plot is stupid, copied from all the games and mixed into a fanfiction of awfulness. You can clearly see the green screen and the monsters are too human. Not to mention out of place jump scares.

    There’s just too many bad points to state them all. But this movie is a mockery compared to the efforts that went into the first one, and the games.

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