Paranormal Activity 4 vs Alex Cross – Biff Bam Pop’s Weekend Box Office Predictions

There should be a lot of activity at the box office this weekend, as the fourth instalment in a horror franchise is unleashed upon a suspecting public. Meanwhile, a box office draw makes his debut as a popular detective. Here’s how the weekend could turn out:

As advertised, Paranormal Activity 4 is the latest in the series that continues to scare up huge business every fall at the box office. But every horror franchise has to fall at some point, and with middling reviews I’m guessing that PA4 is going to begin the law of of diminishing returns. Eventually. However, this weekend the franchise is bulletproof and should have a healthy gross. Look for a first place finishing with $45 million.

Find out how the rest of the top five will shape out after the jump!

Tyler Perry stars as the title character in Alex Cross, about a police detective pushed to his limits in pursuit of a serial killer (Matthew Fox). James Patterson’s character of Cross has been brought to the big screen before, portrayed by Morgan Freeman in 1997’s Kiss The Girls and 2001’s Along Came A Spider. The character has a following, as does Perry from his many Madea films, so Alex Cross should do well this weekend. Look for a second place showing with $23 million.

As for the rest of the top five, Argo will hit third place with $14 million, Hotel Transylvania will scare up fourth with $12.5 million, while Taken 2 will close things out in fifth with $12 million.

So, to recap, here are our predictions:

1) Paranormal Activity 4 – $45 million
2) Alex Cross – $23 million
3) Argo – $15 million
4) Hotel Transylvania – 12.5 million
5) Taken 2 – $12 million

Be sure to check back on Sunday to see how the weekend turns out!

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