Saturday at the Movies: Billy Madison and 10 Reasons to Go Back to School

Billy MadisonBack to school, back to school… it’s that time of year again; and to celebrate, this instalment of Saturday at the Movies is dedicated to one of my favourite ‘Back to School’ movies: Billy Madison.

If you’re not familiar with this movie, well.. what’s WRONG with you? I think there is actually a generational gap when it comes to Adam Sandler movies… because starting in about 2000 his films just started to suck; and not in the charming way his fans were used to. Billy Madison is probably his best typecast role and besides having some of the most memorable one-liners of all Sandler’s movies, it ALSO offers some great reasons to get excited about  heading back to class.

And so, in today’s Saturday at the Movies…

Billy Madison’s Top 10 Reasons to Go Back to School

10. Prove to Dad you’re not a fool… because he refuses to let you run his company unless you go back to school and re-do grades K through 12. Also there’s a dick named Eric who wants to usurp your place with the company. No delicious triscuits for you, Eric!

9. That goddamn penguin; you don’t wanna have to deal with him every nudie magazine day.

8. Miss Lippy, white glue and blue ducks are freaking quacktastic.

7. Your teacher might be Bridgette Wilson – aka Miss Veronica Vaughan. Soooo hot…

6. Learn which is better: shampoo or conditioner. Plus that swan will stop looking at you.

5. Snack Packs!

4. When it comes to O’Doyle, karma rules.

3. You’ll learn synonyms for shit… like poop.

2. You won’t have to stay home and help the maid shave her arm pits.

1. It could be OUR milk.

Billy Madison also features Chris Farley, Norm MacDonald and Steve Buscemi – as if you needed any other reasons to check this movie out.

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