Trailer Time: Man Of Steel

Last night on the Biff Bam Popcast (check it out here if you missed it), JP Fallavollita, Jason Shayer, Glenn Walker and I got into a serious discussion about the trailers for next year’s Man of Steel from director Zack Snyder. I’m of the mind that Snyder, though tremendously capable, is more style than substance, and I worry that’s all he’ll be bringing to the table. Alternately, Christopher Nolan will be producing the film, so hopefully he’ll help rein in any of Snyder’s foibles.

Two trailers have been released – each with the same visual but with varying narration; one features Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent, the other Russel Crowe’s Jor-El. We’d love to know what you think of them. As well, we’ve also got leaked footage from the Comic-Con Man of Steel panel; it’s rough, but gives you more images to whet your appetite. You can watch them all after the jump!

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