Biff Bam Popcast Episode VII: The Final Word On The Dark Knight Rises

Tonight at 10, Jason Shayer, JP Fallavollita and Andy Burns (hopefully Glen Walker as well) gather for what will be the final Biff Bam Popcast conversation related to The Dark Knight Rises. Who loved it? Who hated it? Where will we go from here? Find out our take tonight! You can watch the Popcast live here or find us on YouTube as well. Oh, and there will be SPOILERS!

5 Replies to “Biff Bam Popcast Episode VII: The Final Word On The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. Didn’t find the “Hell on Earth” lame? I’m every rock climber in the world who saw the movie laughed their asses off.

  2. I mean, “Didn’t you find …” Syntax isn’t my strong suit.

  3. Sorry – had a real problem with the contradictory idea that Nolan was allowed his own interpretation of the Batman that didn’t have to coincide with the sixty years of established Batman character YET the audience he was creating this movie for was expecting that! Sorry gents, Nolan’s interpretation sucked. The story failed to display a thoughtful and proactive Batman – instead, we got this snivelling, out-of-touch seclusionist Bruce Wayne whose only special ability was to lose everything he had ever worked to create.

    …And don’t get me started on Alfred!

    1. Here’s the thing with the film, and with all films adapted from comic book source material – it’s one interpretation. We’re all free to like to dislike the interpretation, of course, but to say a film doesn’t give you this or that Batman – well, I’d simply say – it’s an Elseworld, where the creators interpret the character as they see fit for their own stories.

      I have nothing vested in Nolan or his work – I just wanted films that I could enjoy. And I got it.

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