Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Wrap-Up Report – Weekend of August 12th

On Friday I asked Biff Bam Pop’s J.W. Ward what he thought of this weekend’s round of predictions and my pick for the number one film.

“I think you’re being generous,” he responded.

Boy, was he right. It turned out I wasn’t even close with my predictions. You win some, you lose some, I suppose. And I surely lost. Here’s what happened.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes held onto the number one spot for a second week in a row, with a solid drop of only 49% to bring in $27 million (I was only off by $1 million but thought it would drop to number 2). The film has already grossed over $100 million and has likely exceeded many observers initial expectations. With strong critical acclaim and obvious cinema-goers acceptance, I expect to hear a sequel announcement before too long.

The Help spent it’s first weekend in release bringing in adults that haven’t been well-served this summer. The period piece staring Emma Stone and Viola Davis debut at number 2 with a stellar $25 million (I predicted $17 million and a number three debut). With little competition in the next few weeks, I think The Help should have a nice run at the box office.

The same can’t be said for Final Destination 5, which debut in third place with a disappointing $18.4 million, a far cry from the last film’s nearly $30 million opening weekend (I predicted a first place debut with $32 million). I truly thought the franchise was trending upwards, but I think it’s clear from this opening number that we may very have seen the final Final Destination.

The Smurfs claimed the fourth spot with $13.5 million and continue to be the family film of choice at theatres right now (I had predicted a fifth place showing and $10 million  gross).

And rounding out the top five was the comedy 30 Minutes or Less, which will be lucky to spend thirty days in theatres. Like The Change-Up from last week, this latest R-rated comedy failed to make any waves with audiences, grossing a lacklustre $13 million, $2 million less than even I anticipated.

One film I didn’t make a prediction on was Glee in 3D, and good thing I didn’t as the concert film didn’t even make it into the top 10 this weekend.

So to recap, here were our predictions:

1) Final Destination 5 – $32 million

2) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – $26 million

3) The Help – $17 million

4) 30 Minutes or Less – $15 million

5) The Smurfs – $10 million

And here’s how the weekend actually turned out:

1) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – $27 million

2) The Help – $25 million

3) Final Destination 5 – $18.4 million

4) The Smurfs – $13.5 million

5) 30 Minutes or Less – $13 million

Next week sees the release of the horror film remake Fright Night, the first new Conan The Barbarian film in nearly 30 years and Spy Kids 4. One of these films will top the box office. Check back on Friday to see who I predict it will be.


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