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Experience The Magic Of “Pop Gun War Volume 2: Chain Letter” On The Wednesday Run

In a comic book pop culture world where immense crossover events from the big two publishers, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, fill up all the headlines, smaller and  cooler and more artful releases can sometimes get a little lost in on the store shelves.

As fun as #DCMetal’s Dark Days: The Forge #1 (DC Comics’ big Batman-centric story) and the Secret Empire series of comics (Marvel’s Hydra-centered summer epic) might be, for a lot of us, it’s the creator-owned stuff that take our fancy.

That’s what we’re here for today: making sure you don’t get blinded from the great stuff when you head over to your local comic book shop on your own Wednesday Run.

Certainly, you don’t want to miss the eagerly anticipated release of Pop Gun War Volume 2: Chain Letter – finally out today!

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An Indie Fave Is Back With POP GUN WAR: GIFT On The Wednesday Run

Pop Gun War Gift coverA reprint is a reprint is a reprint, right?


No, it’s not.

Certainly not when something is out of print. And certainly not when that out of print book is a great work by a great, if indie, voice.

Thank goodness for Image Comics, then, a publisher often cited in this very column as one who takes chances on emerging comic book talent as well as those beloved professionals who are somehow less mainstream than the ones we get on a monthly basis from Marvel or DC.

And that’s where writer/artist Farel Dalrymple and his newly revisited (read: re-printed) Pop Gun War: Gift trade paperback come into focus.

Follow me after the jump for all the page-turning info!

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