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Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel – Reviewed by Richard Kirwin


I’m old enough to remember Stan’s Soapbox and to have the Origins of and Son of Origins of Marvel trades on my shelf. I’ve known Stan Lee as the mastermind of my favourite comic universe my whole life. His trademark wit and that infectious grin have both been synonymous in my mind with the Marvel Universe since long before “The Man” started popping up twice a year in his Marvel Cinematic Universe cameos. To me, Stan Lee has always been as much a character as his creations, a larger than life fictional version of himself, not the very real and, dare I say, uncanny creative mind presented in fantastic detail by Bob Batchelor in his extensively researched biography: Stan Lee, the Man Behind Marvel.

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Biff Bam Pop Exclusive Interview: Director Mary Harron Talks Anna Nicole

So here’s the truth – Mary Harron is the director behind one of my all time favourite films, American Psycho. I’ll go even further and say she took one of my least favourite Bret Easton Ellis books (I’m a fan) and made a cinematic experience that I will always view as significantly stronger than its source material.

Along with that brilliant work of fiction, Harron has made a film career in exploring real world icons like Andy Warhol, Bettie Page and now legendary supermodel, Anna Nicole Smith. Admittedly, Anna Nicole, with her buxom body and enticing smile, was always one of my high school/university crushes, even as her tabloid-style life came to a sudden and tragic end following the death of her beloved son. She’s just the perfect character study for Mary Harron to take on.

Check out the trailer for Anna Nicole, out now on DVD, starring Agnes Bruckner, Martin Landau, Virginia Madsen, Adam Goldberg and Cary Elwes, and then read our exclusive email interview with Mary Harron.

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Final Giveaway!!! Win A Copy Of The Bestselling Biography Of Steve Jobs In Day 23 Of Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide

I’m writing this entry on MacBook Air. I’ll check to see how it looks on my iPad or my iPhone – I think you get the picture. Apple products have made an indelible impact on my life, and probably on yours as well. If you’re remotely interested in technology, at least. And the man at the forefront of all this amazing “stuff” was Steve Jobs. I read the biography that shares his name and it was completely captivating to read about his genius at work. Make no mistake, Jobs could be a mean guy. He also appeared to have some nasty hygiene as a young man, though that also came with stellar taste in music. Written by Walter Issacson, the book leaves no stone unturned, talking to both friend and foe of Jobs to give a complete picture of one of the most important creative minds of our time.

Apple accolytes will eat this book up, and I can’t give it a higher recommendation. Even if you don’t have multiple iPods, you’ll still find Steve Jobs the book fascinating. Order it online from here or win a copy from Biff Bam Pop and our friends at Simon and Schuster!

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