Final Giveaway!!! Win A Copy Of The Bestselling Biography Of Steve Jobs In Day 23 Of Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide

I’m writing this entry on MacBook Air. I’ll check to see how it looks on my iPad or my iPhone – I think you get the picture. Apple products have made an indelible impact on my life, and probably on yours as well. If you’re remotely interested in technology, at least. And the man at the forefront of all this amazing “stuff” was Steve Jobs. I read the biography that shares his name and it was completely captivating to read about his genius at work. Make no mistake, Jobs could be a mean guy. He also appeared to have some nasty hygiene as a young man, though that also came with stellar taste in music. Written by Walter Issacson, the book leaves no stone unturned, talking to both friend and foe of Jobs to give a complete picture of one of the most important creative minds of our time.

Apple accolytes will eat this book up, and I can’t give it a higher recommendation. Even if you don’t have multiple iPods, you’ll still find Steve Jobs the book fascinating. Order it online from here or win a copy from Biff Bam Pop and our friends at Simon and Schuster!

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9 Replies to “Final Giveaway!!! Win A Copy Of The Bestselling Biography Of Steve Jobs In Day 23 Of Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. IPad. It’s simply the future of home computing.

  2. My favourite Apple product is the iPad 2 because it’s thing enough to carry around in my purse, its battery lasts for up to 10 hours, and I can choose from 140K applications, my favourite being iBooks to collect my virtual library.

    I love Apple products—because Steve Jobs was the “Apple” of my eye! His creative genius and tough head for business will be missed.

  3. The only Apple product I have (besides various iPods over the years) is my iPhone and I love it because it allows me to win arguments I have with my mother over various topics (thank you Wikipedia app).

  4. As a lifelong Apple customer, it’s hard to narrow down, but I’d have to say my iPods have been my favorite products. Could never be happy with any other mp3 player.
    I also really really loved my iBook from 1999. It was so pretty compared to everyone else’s laptops. Still have it too!

  5. The iPhone 4S is my favourite Apple product. While I love my iMac, MacBook Air and older iPods, Mac G4 Cube, etc. the iPhone is the one I use the most. And it takes great photos!

  6. i love Apple products. i love the ipods, i think i’ve been through 5 of them, but i can’t imagine purchasing anything different. my favorite would have to be the macbook. it does not lag as much as my old computer, i get less virus than i did as well. it’s an amazing product and it is worth that high paying price. many of the application/programs are wonderful, such as final cut pro.

  7. My Mac Pro Desktop Computer and every Mac I’ve had leading up to it for the past 20 years

  8. The ipod touch. It’s the handiest mobile device I have.

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