The Numbers Add Up To Murder In ‘A Calculated Man’ On The Wednesday Run

It’s been said before that crime doesn’t pay.  

But payment always equates to numbers. And numbers, when methodically and brilliantly employed in a series of complex formulas, computations, and calculations, can predict outcomes.   Sometimes those outcomes are hard to swallow – and tough, life-altering choices need to be made.  

I’m not talking about A Beautiful Mind here. Nor Good Will Hunting.  

No, that’s the kind of number crunching that stays within the halls and classrooms of MIT, the clean labs of Silicon Valley or the dirty quarters of Wall Street hedge funds.  

There’s another, darker and much more violent world that leans deeply into mathematics to make “pay”. A world that organized crime makes and runs. And that’s the world that A Calculated Man exists within.  

Written by Paul Tobin (Bunny Mask, My Date With Monsters, Mystery Girl) and lavishly illustrated by Alberto Alburquerque (The Amazing Spider-Man, Savage Sword, Mystery Girl), the 120-page trade paperback of A Calculated Man is a collection that was originally published as a four-part monthly miniseries via Aftershock Comics last year. The title did well, resonating with readers – and with Hulu, the online streaming subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company (which also has Comcast’s NBC Universal as an investor) after securing an in-development deal.  

A Calculated Man is the story of math genius Jack Beans, who is more than just a bean-counter with the Pinafore crime family. Running the numbers, Beans discovers that his life’s solution lies either in a casket or with Witness Protection. The only option, then, is to turn state’s evidence against his violent employers. With the Pinafores out to silence Beans, the math wizard needs to draw down on his amazingly calculating talent along with his perfect memory, traits that have made the number-cruncher a truly skillful killer on a mission to eliminate a criminal empire for all-time.  

Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the entirely fresh and absolutely compelling A Calculated Man today!     

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