The Week in Horror: ‘The Black Demon’, ‘Witchboard’, ‘Psycho Killer’ + more!

This week we’ve got some cool new trailers, as well as announcements of a remake of Witchboard, the new season of one of HBO’s gnarliest horrors, and much more!

After the surprise success of 2022’s Fall, a sequel seems to be on the table, according to Deadline. The original, which stars Virginia Gardner and Grace Caroline Currey, was about two women who trap themselves on a TV tower over 2000 feet above the ground. Director Scott Mann is still in the idea phase, but we’ll definitely have more on this.

Josh Lucas stars in one of the craziest shark movies since, you know, that other one. The Black Demon hits theatres on April 28, and features one gigantic Megalodon shark. The film is directed by Adrian Grunberg and the plot goes a little something like this:

“When oilman Paul Sturges takes his family to Bahia Negra, the crown jewel of Baja and the site of Paul’s best-performing rig, the vibrant Mexican coastal town he once knew has mysteriously crumbled. In the decrepit ghost town, the last inhabitants tell Paul the offshore platform has awoken ‘El Demonio.’ Scared to be left alone, the family follows Paul out to the platform and just after they get on, the man and boat that risked bringing them is ferociously attacked by a massive black shark. This shark is unlike any other creature; a shark of legend, known as The Black Demon…Under constant attack by the giant monster and with the time literally ticking away, Paul must find a way to somehow get his family back to shore alive.”

Check out the trailer here ahead of the film’s release on April 28!

Divisive as it might be, Robbie Banfitch’s The Outwaters is drawing strong reactions from everyone I know that’s seen it. I was personally a big fan, so I’m happy that Banfitch’s got a pair of prequel and sequel shorts on Screambox that are best watched after you’ve seen The Outwaters. The first, Card Zero, takes place before the events of The Outwaters, and serves to introduce the characters further. “Before disappearing in the Mojave Desert, Robbie Zagorac captured love, life, and heartbreak in a video diary.”

The second short, File VL-624, is actually comprised of “restored” footage from all four of Robbie’s memory cards and are “Property of the Mojave County Police Department.” Check both of the shorts out on Screambox, but watch The Outwaters first!

HBO Max’s 30 Coins series from Alex de la Iglesia is headed into its second season this fall, and we’ve got a brand new trailer. In the first season, exorcist Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández) becomes the priest of a small rural town in Spain, and as unseemly events begin to take place, joins forces with Mayor Paco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and veterinarian Elena (Megan Montaner) to investigate the cursed coin which seems to be behind it all.

Check out the trailer for 30 Coins Season 2, which hits HBO Max in October!

A remake of Kevin S. Tenney’s 1986 ouija board horror Witchboard is on the way from Chuck Russell (The Blob), and according to Deadline, has added Jamie Campbell Bower of Stranger Things fame to the cast. Shooting on the new film is set to kick off in May in New Orleans and Montreal.

In the new Witchboard, “Emily, her fiancé Christian and a group of their friends open an organic café, refurbishing an old carriage house in New Orleans’ French Quarter. But a darkness descends over Emily when she discovers an ancient pendulum board, once used to summon spirits. Christian seeks help for Emily from occult expert Alexander Babtiste, but Babtiste has secrets of his own, knowing the fateful bloodlines that binds them all to the Witchboard. A modern coven of White Witches, a masked ball at Babtiste’s mansion, and the legacy of Naga Soth, the Queen of Witches, are all part of a dangerous game that puts Emily’s very soul at risk.”

Finally, one of the most exciting announcements of the week is the Gavin Polone-directed Psycho Killer, which stars Georgina Campbell (Barbarian) and Logan Miller (Escape Room). The film begins production this spring and is already one of my most anticipated horror projects of the year. The screenplay is penned by Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7en).

In Psycho Killer, “Jane Thorne (Campbell), a police officer who makes it her mission to take down a serial killer referred to on the news as the ‘Satanic Slasher,’ following the murder of her state trooper husband. Miller will play Marvin, a goth-type nebbish who works for the mysterious Pendleton in his massive mansion.”

More on Psycho Killer as we get closer to a release!

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