Figure Friday: Year End Review 2022 with E.A. Henson and Josh Wallen

It’s the end of the year which mean Josh and myself are are too lazy to write a new column right before Christmas due to do ANOTHER Year End podcast!

“Join E.A. Henson and Josh Wallen as they take a look back at the year that was 2022 for toy collecting! They review their Top 3 figures of the year, take a look ahead to 2023, and a whole lot more!”

But THIS time you can actually listen to it on your podcast service of choice!

If you get down with Apple Podcasts click HERE

Or if you’re a Spotify weirdo click HERE

Maybe you like to get nuts with the RSS. Well, c’mon, let’s get NUTS right HERE

Finally, this was recorded as part of a live stream so you can view our horrible faces below.

Gaze upon our visages and weep.

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