Exclusive Dark Horse Cover Reveal: “The Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves #4”

Geralt of Rivia continues his adventures in monster hunting in the Dark Horse comic series, The Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves. Ahead of the debut of the fourth issue in March 2023, feast your eyes upon this exclusive look at both the cover art and those sweet, sweet variants!

There’s a grain of truth to every story and with Geralt’s eyes on every suspect, the better for him to see through the lies. With monsters lurking in every size, shape, and pedigree, fate takes a turn. Vengeance is a cycle, life is a tragedy, and a ballad can rewrite history.

Cover art by Miki Montllo
Cover art by Jakub Rebelka
Cover art by Otto Schmidt
Cover art by David Lopez

Written by Bartosz Sztybor, The Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves #4 is slated for release on March 29, 2023. Miki Montllo is the penciller/inker/colorist and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou is the letterer.

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