Around The Loop: AEW All Out 2022 Predictions!

If you count 2018’s All In pay-per-view, the event that directly led to the creation of All Elite Wrestling, tomorrow will be the fourth All Out/In in the company history. Looking at the cards for each of these big shows, it’s remarkable how much has changed over the years and the journey AEW has taken since it’s inception. Sunday’s card is a loaded one in every sense, featuring a whopping eleven matches on the main show and four on the Zero Hour preshow. It’ll be a marathon to get through, but there doesn’t look to be a bad match in the bunch. Josh Wallen, Jeffery ‘X’ Martin, Andy Burns, and Sachin Hingoo got together to give their predictions for this massive card. Check it out here!

Zero Hour Preshow

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: PAC (c) vs. Kip Sabian

JXM: Sing with me now, won’t you? Kip’s the man in the box. Now he’s wrestling PAC. Can PAC keep the title? It seems a shame for Sabian to lose after a year on the injured list. However, he hasn’t wrestled since the Pandemic Era. New fans may not consider one video package about Sabian to be enough to invest in his return. Nonetheless, PAC has the Death Triangle to fall back on. Losing the All-Atlantic Championship won’t hurt PAC, but it could help Kip. Sew it shut and give Kip Sabian the win.

JW: I know that some people don’t like the idea of a bunch of titles. I’m of the opinion that if you treat the title with respect and make it the focus of storylines and rivalries, then you can have as many titles as your roster can support. PAC has defended The All-Atlantic Championship overseas for multiple promotions, getting AEW exposure and giving the title some history along the way. Now you add in a nice angle and take Kip Sabian out of the incubator and the title gets some airtime. Both of these guys are great and it would be a shame if Kip spent all that time in the box to take the L, but PAC is a workhorse and this title is perfect for a guy like him. PAC wins.  

AB: Since I started watching AEW around this time last year, I haven’t seen Kip Sabian wrestle. He’s managed to keep himself somewhat visible with the boxhead gimmick, but his first match back against PAC seems thrown together and also a poor showcase for him, since it feels almost guaranteed he’ll lose. PAC is a great representative for the company around the world, with or without a title, but I don’t see him losing here. Sorry, Kip, PAC gets the win.

SH: I wasn’t a fan of the All-Atlantic Championship when it was introduced, but it’s got a unique niche to fill by having it contested internationally, and by AEW’s best-kept secret, PAC, at that. Anyone who’s been peeking into our group chats (shout out to the Russian troll farms) knows we get excited to see the box-head pop up in the crowd on AEW shows, Where’s Waldo style. We knew it was Kip, but the reveal seemed to get lost a bit in an otherwise spectacular match between Death Triangle and Will Ospreay’s United Empire. Still, Kip’s got a fresh coat of paint and seems to have good chemistry with PAC (though who doesn’t?) This should be a sleeper of a great match that I see PAC winning.

AAA Mixed Tag Titles: Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo(c) vs Ruby Soho and Ortiz 

JXM: This title match kind of came out of nowhere, but it will make for a nice rubber match between America’s Most Despised Couple and the Friends of Eddie Kingston. For being married in real life, Tay and Sammy don’t have a lot of in-ring chemistry. They’re better at kissy-face than kicking ass. Ruby and Ortiz work together quite well, and they would be fun to watch against any other mixed tag team. Despite that, I don’t think Tayvara will fall to Ruby and Ortiz. The gross people will retain. But I swear, if Jim Ross uses that “Ruby, don’t take your love to town” line one more time during a Soho match, I’m crackin’ skulls.

AB: I’m really enjoying the tv time Ruby Soho and Ortiz are getting, and getting some title belts on them would definitely raise their profile. Tay and Sammy don’t need belts to get under people’s skin, so I’m thinking Ruby and Ortiz score the win here.

JW: Tayvara are the most dislikable couple in wrestling. I enjoy watching bad things happen to them. If that’s what they’re going for, they’re really good. I love Santana and Ruby, but I don’t see them knocking off the champs. Tayvara retains.

SH: I’m not sure how much AAA really cares about these titles, but Sammy and Tay seem made for them. Both in the US and in Mexico, their irritating reality show couple gimmick makes them the most hated people in the room. Ortiz and Ruby seem like one of those slapdash teams that are together out of convenience, though they have a certain chemistry that just works. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ruby and Ortiz grab those titles for a bit and really put Tayvara in their place.

FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Angelo Parker

JXM: Don’t blink or you’ll miss Hook putting Cool Hand Ange in the Redrum for a quick squash win. 

AB: Hook is winning this one, come on. But I’d like a post-match beat down by the JAS to get him fired up and set up something big for the cold-hearted, handsome devil.

SH: I don’t think Hook’s losing on a pre-show. If that ever happens, and I don’t think it is anytime soon, it’ll be on a big Dynamite or pay per view. And besides, AEW is heading to Arthur Ashe Stadium on Hook’s home turf in a few weeks and I don’t think Tony Khan will rob us of the opportunity to see the pop for AEW’s prodigy blow the roof off a venue that doesn’t even have one. Hook, FTW.

JW: There’s gonna be alot of great matches this weekend. This one more than likely won’t be talked about Monday. The easy thing to do is to just keep feeding guys to Hook and let him kill them. At some point, Hook has to be more than glorified squash matches. With JAS in the mix, this is a great off ramp to start letting him develop more and not kill Hook’s heat. Let’s get crazy and have Cool Hand Ang take the FTW title. This will force Hook to have to battle his way through the JAS before taking back what was stolen from him. If you want them to talk about you on Monday, give them a reason to.

Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii

JXM: It’s not the Kingston match we wanted, but by the gods, we’ll take it. Ishii is built like a pink pencil eraser in black gear. He’s tough, he’s resilient, and he no-sells better than Paul Wight on a bender. Kingston, however, is a different kind of dude. The Mad King is left out of the conversations about who is the heart and soul of AEW and he should not be. He’s a brawler and he can not only take insane amounts of abuse, he gravitates towards the violence. Ishii defeated Kingston at the NJPW Strong Capital Collision event. It makes sense for Kingston to get the win over Ishii this time around, setting up a rubber match in the future. Nonetheless, this is one of those matches I can’t believe AEW is giving away for free. It’s a can’t-miss bout. 

SH: Eddie Kingston is my favourite wrestler in AEW and after having seen him live, I am legitimately afraid of Tomohoro Ishii as a wrestler and a person. To me, that makes for as intriguing a match as a wrestling company can sell me. Except I’m not being sold this match, it’s being broadcast on Youtube for you, me, and everyone to see. What a time to be alive. I truly do not care who wins this match, because I know I’m getting some King’s Road, Strong Style slaps and tiger suplexes either way. If you don’t know what that means, you will. Eddie I guess.

JW: I never watched Dragon Ball Z, but I’m confident there’s a fight with two guys who look exactly like Eddie Kingston and Tomohiro Ishii and it’s a freakin banger. These two are going to beat the ever living snot out of each other and it doesn’t matter who wins or loses because we all win. Unless of course that son of a bitch Sammy Guevara sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong… I’ll take Ishii due to interference by Tayvara.

AB: I don’t think anybody wants to see Eddie Kingston lose right now, and he’s done a solid job of owning up to his recent backstage mistakes that were making headlines. Give Eddie the win over Ishii and set him up for him and Sammy to get back to business.

All Out: Main Card

AEW World Trios Championship finals: The Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) vs Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Hangman Adam Page)

JXM: Before we go stampeding towards the inevitablity of a win by the Elite, let us consider other options. The history between The Elite and Hangman Adam Page is legendary. Page turned down the chance to be in this match alongside the Young Bucks before Kenny Omega returned as the Bucks’ partner. With Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly on the injured list, wouldn’t it be interesting if Hanger turned on his Dark Order buddies and rejoined The Elite? Give it some thought. I’ll be here waiting. Oh, by the way, I’m bucking conventional wisdom and my own armchair booking and calling for a Dark Order and Hangman Page win. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

JW: The Trios titles are long overdue. This tournament has shown how many exceptional trios this roster holds and it didn’t even feature the Undisputed Elite, the BCC or the JAS. There are so many directions that you can go with this, but I think the one that makes the most sense is a babyface Elite going up against the Undisputed Elite. AEW vs NXT. Lean into all the backstage drama and let the IWC absolutely lose their shit. Kenny and the Bucks win. Kenny shows Hangman the respect he’s earned and then Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly stop by to say hello.

AB: The thought was that Tony was waiting to introduce the AEW World Trios Championship until Kenny Omega was ready to go. Everybody and their Daddy Ass are thinking the Elite are claiming those titles, but after Friday nights’ killer trios match, I would buck the conventional thinking and put those belts on Dark Order and Hangman Page. There’s an intangible chemistry between those three, and I think there are places you can go with them as champs. The Elite are The Elite, and don’t need belts to put them at a higher level.

SH: The story of Hangman and the Elite goes back to the beginning of AEW. Remember when the Young Bucks declined to be in Hangman’s corner in his first (unsuccessful) shot at the AEW World Title? Or Kenny and Hangman’s long feud for that same title? Recently, Hangman seems to be considering returning to his Elite mates even though his ties to the Dark Order remain strong. There’s a lot going on here, and the prize is the honour of being the inaugural AEW Trios Champions. This will be a tough and emotionally-fraught match, but I think it’s Kenny and the Bucks’ night.

AEW Interim Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida

JXM: This is going to be one of the best matches of the evening. Two former AEW champions in Baker and Shida, a potentially unhinged performance from Hayter, and Nikki Sixx Toni Storm. Hayter and Storm have the most to prove in this bout, having never held AEW titles. We may see cracks form in the relationship between Baker and Hayter here, a far more interesting prospect than Baker becoming the champ again. Shida is a better technical wrestler than Toni Storm, but Storm has a groundswell of support and a look the camera loves. I don’t know where Shida goes after this, but when the bell rings, it’s going to be Toni Time.  

SH: There’s a great case for any of these women to fill Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa’s boots while she heals up from an untimely injury. There’s great stories to tell between any combination of Rosa, Hayter, Baker, Shida, and Storm because those are the top women in the division (besides Jade and Athena) right now. You can basically flip a coin on this match, which I think will be a show-stealer, but I’m going with Britt because she has the most momentum going into the match. But I don’t see it as another long reign as we hopefully get to Jamie Hayter’s split from DMD sooner than later.

JW: The best story coming out of this weekend is going to be Jamie Hayter winning the Interim Women’s World Championship and forcing Britt Baker to play second fiddle to her for the duration of her title run. No one else in this match has a better story to tell. Jamie Hayter has won me over. She’s excellent in the ring and her chemistry with Britt will allow for some great segments, something that the women’s division is sorely lacking at the moment. 

AB: Though it’s pretty much been an open secret that Toni Storm was supposed to take the title from Thunder Rosa prior to Thunder’s injury, I think this has given the company a chance to pull out a surprise and take another talent to the next level. I’m going with Josh on this one. There’s an excellent story to be told with Jamie Hayter as champ and a disgruntled Britt dealing with her loss.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill(c) vs Athena

JXM: Jade Cargill has been undefeated for more than 500 days. That’s longer than Goldberg’s fabled (and much-embellished) streak. It’s time for it to end. Athena, formerly known as Ember Moon in NXT/WWE, is the best opponent Jade has faced in months. With more experience than Jade, Athena is the only one on the current roster capable of believably taking Cargill down, and she’s gonna. Say hello to your new TBS Champion, Athena.

SH: Jade has been a dominant champion for as long as there’s been a TBS Championship (and even before that). She’s popular, is riveting from the moment she appears on the stage or is handed a mic for a promo, and has a level of star quality that is so rare in any wrestling company. She might not be the strongest competitor in-ring, but she’s improved a whole lot and is at a point where she can at least hang with anyone, and that star presence goes a long way towards smoothing out the rough edges. All of this is to say that I think it’s time for Jade to drop the TBS title, the Baddies, and her incredible win streak, and challenge for the women’s world title and become the face of this company. In the process she’ll cement Athena as a top star in a single night. Athena, #AndNew

AB: This is a tough, tough call. I can see reasons for both Athena and Jade to notch up the win, but after the great sit-down on Friday night and Athena’s passionate delivery, I think now is a great time to put a belt on her, and I’m here for it.

JW: Alot of what I said about Hook can be applied to Jade. At some point, she’s going to have to take the L… but it ain’t here. Jade is THAT BITCH.

AEW Tag Team Championship: Swerve In Our Glory(c) vs The Acclaimed

JXM: There are few things in wrestling I enjoy more than watching Limitless Keith Lee biel some poor schlub all the way across the ring. It’s not a matter of if, but when. It’s going to happen. The Acclaimed are a wildly popular tag team (after all, everybody loves The Acclaimed) who deserve the titles, but there are factors working against their victory. Don’t be surprised if those pesky Ass Boys show up to instigate shenanigans and cost Platinum Max and Anthony Bowens the win. Swerve in Our Glory will retain, but the ending will be anything but clean. 

JW: I usually hate tag teams where two guys are just thrown together. Oddly enough, this is a matchup of two such teams. While The Acclaimed are probably better known now as a tag team, than they were as singles competitors, there’s still some folks out there who would prefer to see Swerve and Keith Lee as singles. I’ve actually come to appreciate their dynamic. They’re rock stars. They’re going out and playing the hits and it’s brought them gold in the process. I say let it run as long as you can. If I had to venture a guess, this will be the match that steals the show. Swerve In Our Glory retains on a match of the weekend contender.

AB: The most over tag team in AEW right now is The Acclaimed, and I’m of the mind to put the titles on them now while they’re hot. Swerve and Keith are great competitors, and I think you can keep them as a mini-faction as they go off in search of singles glory.

SH: Like Josh says, there’s a lot of criticisms of Swerve and Keith as a team that was just thrown together. The Acclaimed got their start in AEW the same way. But when something clicks, it clicks, and that’s exactly what’s happened with both of these teams. Swerve in Our Glory has put together a really fun set of tag team offense and everyone loves The Acclaimed. I think it’s Lee and Swerve‘s night, but Max Castor and Anthony Bowens are gonna be champions one day, mark my words.

Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage

JXM: He’s not Jungle Boy anymore, dammit! He’s Jungle Man Jack Perry! Christian Cage has low-key been doing some of the best heel work of his life lately, destroying Perry in front of his family and saying the most wonderful terrible things. Perry must defeat Cage in order to keep evolving out of the Jungle Boy gimmick and become his own man. Cage is nefarious, though, and will do whatever it takes to win this weirdly Freudian battle. Jungle Boy Man Jack Perry will win eventually, but this feud should go on a while longer. Give Cage the win at All Out with the realization that when Perry does get the victory, whatever venue that happens in will implode.

AB: Christian and Jungle Boy delivered another strong AEW sit down this past week, and I’m definitely keen to see how this match plays out. I think their story has some legs, but I also believe that Jungle Boy needs to get some revenge for all the shit he’s been taking from Christian up until now. AEW rarely if ever does a DQ finish, and I could see a heated Jungle Boy losing his mind at a certain point and getting disqualified. That keeps the story going while giving him the character that much needed fire. Christian’s job is to make JB a man, and it’s going to take more than seven days to get that done.

JW: It doesn’t feel like this is the last match we’ll see from these two. This story’s got legs and the fact that Luchasaurus was so quick to rejoin Jungle Boy never felt quite right. I’ll take Christian with an assist by Luchasaurus. Will it be intentional or unintentional? Time will only tell…

SH: I might not be as invested in this conflict as I am for the other stuff on this card, but I think this is an important match and feud to get Jungle Boy Jack Perry to the next level in AEW. He’s a pillar, but he’s been a tag team guy with Jurassic Express and Luchasaurus up until now. It’s time for this boy to strike out on his own against one of the best to ever do it in Christian. Jack Perry wins this, but I can’t see Christian letting that be the end.

FTR & Wardlow vs. Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Guns

JXM: This match should be a straight-up tag match between the Motor City Machine Guns and FTR. Adding Lethal and Wardlow to the mix feels superfluous. Wardlow is a giant hoss of a man, but his moveset is limited. Lethal has the experience and the moves, but it is easy to imagine him being overpowered by either member of FTR. The payoffs for this match will be watching FTR’s Harwood and Wheeler tear it up with Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns. When the match ends with Wardlow powerbombing everyone in sight, the crowd will be happy. It will be a hellacious battle, but give it to FTR and Wardlow.

JW: Not exactly the way I would have liked to see Motor City Machine Guns and FTR go at it, but I’ll take it? It’s certainly better than whatever Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh would have brought to this match. The build for All Out has been less than stellar and this is the shining example of that. Everyone involved in this match deserves better. I’ll take 2 Body Guys and The Stashe and hope it’s better than the build.

SH: I’ll add to the consensus that the booking of this match seems very backwards. Not that this card needs more matches, but Wardlow/Lethal for the TNT Title and FTR/MCMG for one of the Top Guys championships would seem more logical than smashing them together in a six-man with no real stakes. Considering that I’m a fan of every single competitor here but am still not very invested in this match, that says it all, though the promo from both teams on Friday’s Rampage went a long way to bringing it around for me. FTRdlow, I guess, but I hope these guys get to show their stuff individually on a different night.

AB: This is the match I’m least interested in, which is saying a lot since FTR are involved. It will be FTR and Wardlow for the win, and hopefully all three move on to bigger things.

Casino Ladder Match: Andrade el Idolo vs. ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. Dante Martin vs Penta vs Rey Fenix vs Rush vs ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. The mystery Joker competitor (winner will earn a future AEW Championship match)

JXM: I don’t even know what’s happening in this match. Two-thirds of Death Triangle, two current Ring of Honor champions, Rush of La Faccion Ingobernoble, and Dante Martin. Oh, and a mystery opponent. It’s never a surprise when the surprise entrant Joker wins a match like this. That person is often a returning performer or a debuting wrestler. There’s no way to know who the Joker is, so let me say this. If the Joker were not a factor, I would love to see Dante Martin get a title shot. The dude can go. My wrestling brain, however, says the Joker is going to pick up the victory. Heck, it could be Samoa Joe coming back to wreak havoc. Yep. Samoa Joe just might be the Joker. Please, gods, let it be Samoa Joe.

SH: If I’m putting together a fantasy ladder match in 2022 – stories and politics and stakes aside – it probably looks a whole lot like this Casino. Smaller guys who can do crazy shit off the rungs of the ladder in Fenix, Dante, Yuta, and Penta. Power guys like Claudio, Rush, and Andrade to throw the smaller dudes into, and off of, things. And a mystery in the Joker spot. Jokers don’t always win, but I think they will tonight. And you can’t spell Joker without J-O-E. Winner: Samoa Joker.

AB: From an in-ring standpoint, I know this one will deliver, but I genuinely hate that the ROH champion Claudio Castagnoli is competing for a shot at the AEW championship, as I feel it diminishes the ROH title. As for the Joker, I think I’m going to go out on a limb and call for Adam Cole, Bay-bay to make his return and get the victory.

JW: I’ve heard alot of MJF is the Joker talk. Based on our previous Jokers it doesn’t seem likely to be that big of a name. The impact MJF is going to make if/when he returns would be lost if he has to wrestle a match immediately after. No one will be able to focus on the match itself which would be a shame given the participants. Andrade has been talking about adding a new member to Los Ingoberables. I could see the Joker being that third member with the trio destroying the rest of the competition. Put the exclamation point on the match by destroying Claudio and Wheeler setting up LI vs BCC after Andrade gets the win.

Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

JXM: This one is my pick for surprise Match of the Night. Hobbs’ wretched betrayal of Starks a few weeks ago led to some of the past, most impassioned promo work of Starks’ career. The size and weight differences between the two men is instantly noticable. Starks is lean and muscular. Hobbs is an office building. Starks has heart, though, and that’s going to make all the difference. Get that rocket ready for strapping. Starks is going to pick up that glorious David over Goliath win over Powerhouse Hobbs and, when he does, his face turn will be complete. Absolute Ricky Starks is on his way to the top. 

AB: I’m a big Ricky Starks fan, and this is definitely his time to get up to main event status. The great reaction to the pull-apart on Friday night between him and Hobbs shows that the audience is invested in their story, and want to see Starks get some measure of vengeance following his friend’s betrayal. Watch Starks get the win and then join the Blackpool Combat Club (I can dream, right?)

JW: This match didn’t have to happen. My heart is broken. I truly loved what Hobbs and Starks were. While I’m not thrilled that they decided to split one of my favorite tag teams, it has allowed both men to cut some excellent promos and get the spotlight they deserve. I’m still not sure how they get Ricky Starks into an angle for the TNT title or the AEW championship, but it feels like that’s where we need to be heading. Ricky Starks wins.

SH: This simple but long-simmering storyline is full of emotion stemming from Hobbs’ betrayal of Starks. We’re watching two near-future stars working together to create an old-school rivalry that should elevate both talents. Ricky’s suffered too many setbacks recently – the dissolution of Team Taz, the loss of his FTW title to Hook, getting screwed around by QT Marshall and The Factory, and of course getting clubbered by Hobbs at every available opportunity. Nothing is coming up Ricky, which means to me that his time has finally arrived to set things right. Absolute Ricky Starks is pulling this one out, and so do we commence his ascendance to stardom.

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho For Custody Of Daniel Garcia

JXM: Sure, it’s a reworking of that old “who’s your papi?” storyline, but who cares? It isn’t Jericho vs. Danielson that is important here. It’s the fate of Daniel Garcia and whether he remains with Jericho as a sports entertainer or sides with Danielson as a wrestler. Seeing two of the best of all time tear it up will be great. But if Jericho wins and keeps Danny Garcia as a sports entertainer, my heart will be broken into millions of tough, muscular shards. I cannot be objective here. Give Danielson the win, for Danny’s sake. He’s a wrestler, dammit!

JW: I wasn’t expecting to see Daniel Garcia have his loyalty tested this early on into the JAS storyline, but I’ll take it. This feels like it’s ripe for a swerve, Bro. Garcia is such a great sports entertainer that he was able to work all you sorry ass pro wrestling marks into believing he might actually be just like you. Good thing his real hero, Chris Jericho taught him not to leave money on the table. Jericho wins with the assist from Garcia and we get more Kangol hats!

AB: This is going to be a slobberknocker, to be sure, as both Jericho and Danielson are working at the heighest level right now. I think Bryan gets a decisive win here, and Garcia takes this opportunity to join up with the BCC (taking the rightful place of Ricky Starks) to become the professional wrestler we all know he is.

SH: I would watch these two wrestle for 8 straight hours, 7 days a week for no stakes at all. But it feels like the battle for the soul of young Daniel Garcia is an encapsulation of the culture war between AEW and WWE for the soul of wrestling itself. Having a crowd chant “you’re a wrestler” to a conflicted Garcia is unexpectedly heartwarming, and getting Garcia into the BCC feels very natural. But Garcia is also facing off with BCC member and ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta on Wednesday, and the match between Danielson and Jericho has a lot of implications for that. I think this is the American Dragon‘s match to win in a hot match, because let’s face it, he’s the real best in the world.

God Squad (Miro, Sting, Darby Allin) vs House of Black (Buddy Mathews, Brody King, Malakai Black)

JXM: Bless my darkened soul, but I have honoured the House of Black since they first arrived in AEW. Miro, who has been in the midst of a demented version of Pilgrim’s Progress for months, has gathered Darby Allin and Stinger to beat Malakai and his group of “pagans.” Wait, the guy who routinely does coffin matches doesn’t want to listen to black metal with the House of Black? How does that track? I can accept a lot as a fan, but this is super weird booking to me. I guess the God Squad will pull this one out, especially with the venerable Sting on their side. Just know that in my heart, the House will always win. 

JW: I feel like we ask this every pay per view, but how long is this show?!?!? Remember when we all thought Sting would come in, have a cup of coffee and close the book on his Hall of Fame career on his terms? Who would have thought we’d get a 63 year old spot monkey? Even though it feels like we’ve seen this all before, the addition of Miro brings a new dynamic to Sting and Darby. It’s going to be fun to see the tandem offense that Darby and Miro can come up with. If they’re taking requests, can I get a Fastball Special into a Coffin Drop off a balcony? I think the God Squad gets the win, leading House of Black to go down an even darker, more violent path. They need to get that edge back so they can start claiming some titles. Feels like there’s so much untapped potential still.

SH: Sting’s usually a safe bet one way or the other on an AEW pay-per-view, but I think the time is right for the House, which says it always wins but their records disagree. I love where they’re going with Miro right now, and I think he’ll come out the best out of all this in a longer-term feud with the heretics of the House of Black, but taking the L here.

AB: This is one of those instances where knowing about the backstage workings of pro wrestling makes it hard to decide a winner for me. The House of Black is a group of monsters that should take down this makeshift team of Sting & Darby Allin and Miro, but if the rumours of an unhappy Aleister Black are true and he is either in real need of a break or his release, I don’t know if you have the HoB win. If things are smoothed out and Black is in a good headspace, I have him pin Sting in the match. It’s a statement and could arguably get the HoB back on track.

AEW World Championship: CM Punk vs Jon Moxley(c)

JXM: I have played this match out in my head so many times, it’s unhealthy. It’s not the victor here, it’s the possible circumstances under which he wins. Mox is a great champ. He’s got the fire, he’s great on the mic, and he bleeds if you simply whisper his name. But this is a CM Punk match in Chicago, and after his “One Pulse” promo, he’s got the Second City in the palm of his hands. Punk will get that title back, but I don’t think you’re going to like how it happens. [Three letters: MJF.] Punk will be your two-time AEW Champion, but he’s going to wield that belt as one of the nastiest heel champs the business has ever seen. As long as he doesn’t bring the Good Brothers back because that would just be mean and spiteful.

SH: To say that it’s been a circuitous route to get to this match is an understatement. What could have been a simple unification match between a dominant interim champion in Mox against a fresh-off-a-shattered-foot Punk turned into something more complex, with Mox defeating Punk in under 3 minutes on Dynamite a couple of weeks ago and becoming the undisputed champion. A lot of people hated and maybe still hate this build, but I think there’s a lot more at play here. I predicted a heel turn for Punk in one of these articles a while back and was hilariously wrong. I’m gonna go ahead and do it again, though, because there’s too many little details that seem to point to it. I think Punk wins in a match that’ll go longer than 3 minutes, but there’s going to be shenanigans, erm, afoot.

JW: Pro wrestling is at its best when the lines are blurred to the point where you’re not sure where the wrestling stops and reality starts. The build up to this match will be analyzed ad nauseum in the years to come. At the end of the day, we enter All Out 2022 with an underdog CM Punk walking into Chicago trying to capture the AEW World Championship against a Jon Moxley who has achieved God Mode and looks unbeatable. If you would have told me a year ago at Punk’s return that this is where we’d be, it would have sounded about right. The journey we took to get here might have been a little rocky, but after Wednesday’s Dynamite there’s no doubt that the Chicago crowd will be in the corner of Punk. While it might not be the Summer of Punk we wanted; if it ushers in the Fall of Punk and a heel turn, then it will all be worth it. Punk wins the title and then starts burying all the young talent he can find. If only someone would have warned us that Punk had changed…

AB: As per Sachin’s comments above, I absolutely hated the 3 minute warning…ermm, sorry, I mean 3 minute squash when Mox and Punk first faced off, and to be fair, I didn’t much care for the boo-boo face Punk promo on Wednesday. However, this is how we got to where we are, and the ratings show that people are intrigued by where this is going. Other than Punk, Mox is the most over guy on the entire roster, and I think he’s been a fantastic champion, and I think you can make the case for either guy getting the win, even if Punk takes a loss in Chicago. However, this is Punk’s time to shine on top as champ, and as long as he’s good to go (and I believe he is), he’s getting the win this weekend.

All Out will stream live in the U.S. from the NOW Arena in Chicago on Sunday, September 4, at 8 p.m. ET on the Bleacher Report app, website and connected devices for $49.99. All Out will also be available on demand through cable and satellite TV providers along with select movie theatres in North America and Latin America. International fans can access the event through and FITE. Zero Hour, All Out‘s kick-off show, will be available for free on YouTube at 7 p.m. ET ahead of the All Out pay-per-view.

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