Gilbert Speaks on ‘The Day After Halloween’

There are those of us who, even though it is still summer, have already picked out our Halloween costumes. Don’t we all love to be frightened by things that go bump into the night? When two friends find a body in their bathtub after a raucous Halloween party, the fun and frights begin.

The Day After Halloween

The Day After Halloween is a 2022 film from Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight. The film, directed by Chad Ostrom and written by Danny Schluck has been touted as a mix between horror and The Hangover. It is a comedy/thriller that stars Danny Schluck, Brandon Delany, Aimee Fogelman, Victoria Meade, and Joe Lazenby.

Addison (Danny Schluck) and Hayes (Brandon DeLany) are best friends who run an old drive-in-theater that is only opened on Halloween night. When sober, which is seldom, they talk about women, life in general, and sex. Hayes’ girlfriend (Aimee Fogelman) wants more from their relationship than Hayes is willing to give. A big party is planned after the movie at their house, which is on the same grounds as the drive-in-theatre. There is plenty of drinking and sex going on at this party, but things heat up when Addison discovers a body in the bathtub. It’s Hayes girlfriend. How did she die and why did a vampire hunter (Joe Lazenby) suddenly show up at their house?


At first, I was turned off with the film, probably because of the way Hayes and Addison treat women, and people in general, but I changed my mind after Hayes’s girlfriend is discovered. In a series of flashbacks leading up to the murder, we get more information on the killer, played fabulously by Victoria Meade. Danny Schluck and Brandon DeLany are hilarious as they try to retrace their steps and the events that led to that troublesome body in the tub.

The whole drive-in-theatre scenario was fun to watch because I grew up going to the drive-in. Oh, the memories! My friends and I were adventurous…and poor. So, a lot of times, to get into the drive-in without paying, a group of us would hide in the trunk of a friend’s car until we were sure that no one would see us climbing out of said trunk.

The Day After Hamilton is out on digital on August 23. Watch it if you can.

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