What to See and Do at FAN EXPO Canada 2022

After a few years off because of that whole pandemic thing, FAN EXPO Canada returns this weekend for four huge days of pop culture goodness. It’s always exciting for Biff Bam Pop! to go to the show, where we induldge in browsing, oogling celebrities from a far, and ultimately spending too much money on everything from comics and Funko pops to cool pieces found in Artist’s Alley.

There’s so much happening, so the Princess and I thought we shoul run down a few things we plan on checking out when we’re on site.

But before we go any further, here’s the most important thing – BE SAFE. Wash your hands, wear a mask if you feel uncomfortable in big crowds or you’re feeling even slightly coldis, and be respectful of your fellow convention-goers. One of the signs you’ll see on the floor is Cosplay Does Not Equal Consent, so keep your hands to yourselves, and if you see someone being harrassed tell security and help them out. Fandom is by and large a great bunch, but there’s always a few jerks out there, so lets have each other’s backs.

On to the fun stuff:

Artist’s Alley is where you’ll find legendary comic creators along with up and comers, many of them offering up commissions, original art, or the opportunities to sign your books. Some of the big names who will be onhand include Arthur Adams, Humberto Ramos, Donnie Cates, Tom King, Greg Capullo and many, many others. As someone who reads most of my comics digitally, there are definitely a few writers and artists that I’m planning on buying work from directly so I can get their John Hancocks.

Celebrity Guests are always a huge draw at FAN EXPO, and none of them come cheap. If you’re looking to get anything signed by the Hobbits themselves, the cast of The Boys, or some of the kids from Stranger Things, you better have some fairly deep pockets. That being said, in all my celebrity encounters over the years, whether I’ve paid for a picture with them (hello, William Shatner) or encountered them as a member of the press (like the oh-so-charming Mads Mikkelsen), everyone has always been friendly. This may sound obvious, but don’t forget tha celebs are people too, so be polite when you meet them; they’ll be the same in return.

Voice Actors are the big deal in our home, and the Biff Bam Pop! Princess is super psyched about a few of the names who will be in attendance this weekend at FAN EXPO. Here’s her thoughts:

BBP! Princess: I’m excited to see Monica Rial, she plays Tsuyu Asui in the My Hero Academia english dub. I also want to meet Abby Trott, who plays Nezuko Kamado in the Demon Slayer english dub. She also sings the Super Smash Ultimate theme song and plays Ivy in the Carmen Sandiego reboot!

Andy Burns: And while we’re at FAN EXPO, what things are we keeping our eyes open for?

BBP! Princess: Splatoon Amiibos and posters, and if I can find it a Nintendo 3DS Amiibo Scanner, but that will be hard to find I think.

It’s going to be a fun-filled four days at FAN EXPO Canada. The hours to the event, happening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre are:

Thursday  4 PM – 9 PM
Friday       10 AM – 7 PM
Saturday  10 AM – 7 PM
Sunday     10 AM – 5 PM

You can see the complete schedule of panels here, order tickets for the event right here, and explore even more details at the official website. Have a great time, check our Twitter feed for what we’re up to when we’re at FAN EXPO, and if you see us, be sure to say hi!

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