Order Up a Biggie Sized Heist with a Side of Satan In ‘TRVE KVLT #1’ on The Wednesday Run

Think back to your first job.

Were you a part-time warehouse worker, making minimum wage, going home and blowing your nose to discover dusty black gunk in the tissue?

Were you a flyer distributor, dropping your load of “weekly deals” in the neighbourhood ravine instead of neighbourhood mailboxes?

Were you an amusement park ride attendant, shaking your head plaintively at those who were intent to stand up after being told not to?

Or were you a burger flipper at a fast-food chain, scalded by both hot oil and the infamously branded uniform?

If you ever had a first job like one of thise, you’ll be able to sympathize with Marty Tarantella, the protagonist of TRVE KVLT #1, and his long-standing desire to get out of his lot in life. Well, exchanging one lot for one…a lot madder!

Trve Kvlt #1 written by Scott Bryan Wilson and illustrated by Liana Kangas; published by IDW Publishing.

TRVE KVLT #1, written by Scott Bryan Wilson (Pennyworth, Batman: Gotham Knights), gorgeously illustrated by Liana Kangas (Star Wars Adventures, She Said Destroy) and published by IDW Publishing (via their IDW Original imprint) was initially a successful Kickstarter event. Under their “Original” banner, IDW picked up the series as one of their creator-owned titles, giving the comic book miniseries some industry clout and physical distribution for a wider audience. And it’s no wonder the publishing company was interested. TRVE KVLT bridges genres to create something wholly new: a modern, slice -of-life drive-thru take with both the genres of comedy and noir on the menu. It’s a premise that is somewhat akin to something Tarantino might pen – but this dish has a side of horror…of course!

Marty Tarantella has been flipping burgers for fifteen years. He’s not washed up. No, he’s a never-was. But all of that’s about to change for this wellspring of potential. Affable, if underachieving Marty is about to “let out this thing that’s inside” by visiting his local strip mall and coolly robbing eight stores in a row at gunpoint. All figured out, he’s paving his way for a different kind of future. Unfortunately for him, Marty accidentally steals a supernatural weapon belonging to a satanic cult and all hell is about to break loose.

Good thing Marty was forged by the heat of the deep fryer!

Get your fried and milkshake and make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up TRVE KVLT #1. This happy meal has never tasted so good!  

You can read the recent Biff Bam Pop! exclusive interview with the creators of TRVE KVLT, Scott Bryan Wilson and Liana Kangas, right here.  

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