Gilbert Speaks on Jon Binkowski’s ‘Scare Zone’

I don’t normally enjoy reviewing the slash and scream horror films, but when the storyline is fun and the acting all tongue ‘n’ cheek one-liners, then I am ready to settle in with my bowl of popcorn. Scare Zone definitely delivers the frights.

Scare Zone

Scare Zone was filmed inside a Universal Halloween Horror Nights attraction, and is directed by Jon Binkowski, and stars Simon Needham, Michele Simms, Chris Burns, Neil Brown Jr., and Arian Ash. This horror story follows the normal slash and dice fright fest with the expected stereotyping of the main and secondary characters that range from nerd to goth. The director had to work within the confines of the Horror Nights attraction without causing damage to the venue that was scheduled to open to the public a few weeks later.

The film has your typical victims and survivors, and although you don’t really get time to immerse yourself into any sort of character development, the characters are hilariously clueless enough to keep you interested on who falls victim to the unknown killer.

Oliver (Simon Needham) has his regular staff and a few newbies helping with the grand opening of their Haunted Attraction that is located at a strip mall. Spider (Neil Brown Jr.) is the second in command when Oliver is busy with construction. Claire (Arian Ash) the token Goth Girl, oversees the gift shop.

The regular crew includes engaged Summer (Michele Simms) and PJ (Pat Mccahon) who have worked Oliver’s event before, but they have plans after their three-night stint at the attraction. Summer and PJ plan to run away and get married.

Everything starts off with Claire handing out the costumes to be worn and Spider and Oliver directing where the crew is to hide, and what props are to be used. Oliver is even forced to use his plumber Jesus (Jim H. Miranda) and one of the carpenters (Pablo Juan Santos) to fill in as crew members as the regular crew slowly get taken down by a killer.


There is a love story tucked away in this little gem when Daryl (Chris Burns) falls for Claire. He is determined to get a date with this hard-as-nails Goth princess, but someone else has the hots for Claire…and the killer will do anything to win Claire’s heart…even if he needs to cut it out from her chest.

I don’t know if you like haunted houses, but the last time I was in a haunted attraction was about twenty years ago. I really don’t like people jumping out at me and I have an overactive imagination and always wondered if the people hired to work these venues have a darker side. Anyway, I think I’m still exiled from the haunted attraction at Great Adventure in New Jersey after I freaked out and ran out the wrong way, knocking people down helter-skelter as I made my mad dash to the entrance. My grandsons will never let me forget this incident, but that’s another story.

Scare Zone is premiering on the Terror Films Channel on May 27 ahead of its digital and VOD release on June 3rd and it gets my stamp of approval.

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